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How to Manage Negative Comments on Social Media!

One of the most basic things that happen when you sell a product/service is that your customer will have views about their experience with it. These may be positive or negative depending on the quality of your product/service and your level of efficiency when it comes to customer care.

Social media has allowed these views to come to the forefront and customers can now voice their opinions, as they rightly should, knowing that someone out there is listening. So while you do put in an effort to keep up your social engagement, you n...

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5 Essential Components of a Successful Facebook Campaign

Social media has skyrocketed to the forefront of many marketing campaigns as more and more people interact, read articles, and purchase products & services online. The challenge with creating a business page on Facebook is that it’s not enough to just create your page and post on it off and on. In order to create a successful Facebook sales strategy, you need to have certain aspects in place.

Apart from having a good quality product that fulfills a specific need,...

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Effective Email Marketing Tips!

Email Marketing is a marketing pillar for your business that drives visitors to your business services. Email Marketing can help you connect with the right people to achieve your business goals.These days, when most people spend a huge amount of time on screens, the best way to interact with them is through emails. When you use Email Marketing to promote your business, you get a chance to interact with new people, create trust, and establish faith in your brand. The process for effective Email Marketing are as follows:

Manage an ...

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Data Entry Tips and Tricks!

Sometimes, I get really fed up with lengthy data entry tasks. But over time I have discovered solutions for lengthy data entries that help me save my time. Do you want to know how to tackle lengthy data entries? Here are some smart tips and tricks to save your time that result in the best entries of data in a short period of time.Customize Default Cell Cursor Excel Movement: Excel moves the cursor down to the next cell when you press Enter. Sometimes that’s not the direction you want to go in. Change to these settings to speeden ...

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