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4 Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement

Marketers around the globe are using Facebook for marketing activities  such as for brand awareness, community engagement & above all generating leads by the way of Facebook Ads. New marketers can find it difficult at times to engage audience on Facebook at initial levels. So here are 4 simple ways that will definitely help you Increase Facebook Engagement.

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LinkedIn Groups: The Heart of LinkedIn

Why do people call LinkedIn groups the heart of LinkedIn? Because people get maximum interaction and a better understanding of each other’s business using these groups. A group is one place from where you can get help and also do the same for others. They work on very simple principles:

- Give: give favor to other

- Ask: ask others to do a favor to you.

- Thanks: after doing the above, say thanks.

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Best Practices in Viral Marketing

In continuation with my previous article, I shall now discuss the great tactics sharing some viral success stories to help you understand how a given content can be made to go viral successfully.

The “why” of a rich viral story is not so easily explainable. So here is a look at the significant tactics of viral marketing. The widespread audience most often associates to a “viral” piece of content with a hilarious YouTu...

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How to Optimize your Social Media Business Page

Today, almost every business firm, whether its small scale or large scale, wants to be on the Social Media platform and yes, they indeed need to be! Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. are certainly important for B2C firms and on other hand for B2B, LinkedIn is a very important asset for business as well as for the current recruitment process at various firms. Just as we all dress up nicely to look attractive in our day to day activities while meeting friends, colleagues, o...

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