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Do you Follow These 20 LinkedIn Best Practices for Your Profile?

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform originally started for the purpose of sharing resumes globally that would help people in getting them suitable jobs. But now, it is also leveraged as a sales platform for brands. For this purpose, having a well-created LinkedIn account is of utmost importance as it reflects you and your brand’s personality to your profile visitors. Do you have these LinkedIn etiquettes? Are you using this social media platform in the appropriate way? Here are twenty do’s and don’ts that ...

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9 Pointers to Optimize Your Social Media Profiles!

Every marketer does everything possible to optimize their website, but many of them ignore the fact that social media profiles and business pages also need to be optimized. The optimized, branded social media expands your businesses digital and social footprints and also improves your website rank.

Here is a list of the best practices to optimize your social media profiles to boost your business for SEO:

Get a custom URL

Every social media platform facilitates you to set up a custom URL; also known as vanity URL for your ...

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How to Choose the Best Social Media Marketing Company?

The influx of social media has increased in the past few years and social media marketing is the favored tool not just for well-established firms but startups too. It enhances their online visibility and significantly increases traffic to their website. Statistics reveal that people falling in the age group of 15-45 are very active on social media marketing platforms. The promotion of products or services through these platforms helps any business reach a large number of potential customers.

With the assistance of a dedicated soc...

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11 Most Common Blogging Mistakes to Dodge

If you run a company then you probably have a company blog for it as well. Blogging is essential for highlighting your company’s features, services, etc. However, there are certain factors that need to be given due consideration to ensure that your blog does not misuse its power of marketing. Let’s take a look at some common blogging mistakes that writers make while writing blogs:

Keeping a high sales pitch:

The first and foremost purpose of your company blog should be educating customers and not selling products. Th...

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