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The Power of Hashtags on Social Media

An online marketer of an online business is bound to know about the Importance of hashtags in the world of social media. But this is something that everybody with an online presence should be familiar with. To be able to use hashtags for any social media channels, one must know the value of hashtags and the success or growth that comes with it. Online businesses have successfully grown their audience and even gone viral, all thank to hashtags.

It’s true. Hashtags make a world of a difference to your social media presence! ...

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The Power of Infographics!

Infographic is one of those elements in social media that manage to catch the attention of a reader. Just how images and videos are preferred more than written content, infographics are a great way to engage with your audience, because compared to written content, infographics are eye-catching. Written content, no matter how well written, is easily lost amongst thousands of posts that are published online. However, infographics are often saved or bookmarked by people, simply because they offer valuable information in a well-formatted wa...

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Posts That get More Engagement on Instagram!

One of the most important channels on social media for brands and online businesses is Instagram. Instagram is booming, with millions of users and brands added daily, and is an indicator of success for most people, especially the millennials.

As much as it seems simple to set up an account, posts high quality images and get people to follow you, it’s not that simple. Although, it is a social media platform, it is somewhat different from rest of the channels. Like the usage of hashtags is not limited to a number; in fact use...

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Understand the Power of Social Media!

When we talk about the reach of any brand or business today, we always tend to think about how well established they are in the online space. Social media is a key decision making factor when it comes to the marketing space of a running business. Social media is the crux of many businesses to market or promote their products. Businesses no longer resort to traditional media to promote their products or services. But social media is ever changing and evolves on a daily basis. Therefore, for any business trying to excel in the marketing space, it...

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