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Impact of Internet and Social Media on Women Empowerment in India

1.2 billion People live in India, with around 50% of women population. With time, the status of women here has improved with respect to equal rights, thanks to the efforts of many reformers through the century. In this modern era, women in India have held high offices, including the positions of The President, Prime Minister, Speaker of Lok Sabha, Top Management Positions, as an Entrepreneur etc. India as a nation is moving forward with great success, and can’t afford to ignore women empowerment.

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Impact of Social Media in India

Social Media in today’s setting impacts the lives of millions around the globe, be it an individual, a student, a businessman, an organization, an actor or a politician. We use communication at different levels, throughout our lives, to stay in the social loop. Today, in India, a population of more than 243 million has internet access and social media channels have come to cross the 100 million mark with over 100 million users on Facebook; with a generous 33 million plus users, Twitter falls next in queue followed by LinkedIn with over 26...

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