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Excel Shortcut Keys That Save Your Time So You Won’t Lose Your Mind!

When you have limited time to work on your Data, then ms excel shortcut keys can be a huge saving grace. How? They help you work faster & more efficiently in excel, maintain accuracy & consistency and your sanity when doing tedious work. Easily manage huge amounts of data and understand better how excel works with this list of excel shortcuts:

Selecting data

Ctrl + A

Select the entire worksheet. If the cursor is currently placed within a table, press once to select the table, press one more time to select the ...

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Best Ways to Manage your E-mail List

A large e-mail list can be a cumbersome task to attend to if not well managed. Hence it is important to deal with it in as efficient a manner so as to improve your deliverability as well as make viewing email marketing stats easy.

Some of these useful tips could help in managing your mail lists efficiently:

Clean the E-mail List Remove duplicate email ID's & keep your list accurate and brief. Ensure that any unrelated addresses are deleted and email addresses collected from any source must be relevant & updated.


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Data Entry Tips and Tricks!

Sometimes, I get really fed up with lengthy data entry tasks. But over time I have discovered solutions for lengthy data entries that help me save my time. Do you want to know how to tackle lengthy data entries? Here are some smart tips and tricks to save your time that result in the best entries of data in a short period of time.Customize Default Cell Cursor Excel Movement: Excel moves the cursor down to the next cell when you press Enter. Sometimes that’s not the direction you want to go in. Change to these settings to speeden ...

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How to Keep Your Website Up To Date!

Your services/business is important to you, and you’d like it to be important to your clients too. Your website is the very first step that connects many customers to your services, so make sure you make the best impression. Sites with broken links can confuse customers which might make them lose their trust. Regular updates and changes are good for your website. The information on your website should be current & correct and must be updated regularly with relevant content. You should update your ...

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