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Google My Business (3-Pack) Listing Process

List your business on Google My Business / GMB & Claim it on Google Maps

1. Optimize your Google My Business Listing(s)

Optimized listings perform better because they look better and provide more information. Google is always looking to provide the best information and experience to viewers. Aim to 100% fill of your Google My Business profile(s). There isn't a description field anymore, so it's straightforward to complete.

How to optimize your Google My Business listing(s): Claim your listing(s) on Google. Get rid of...

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Steps to Identify and Understand Your Target Audience

How many times have you struggled to figure out who your target audience is? Identifying your target audience on social media can be an overwhelming and daunting task. It’s easy to get confused and lose track of where you started from but if you follow these tried and tested steps you’ll be able to understand how to identify a target audience quickly and thoroughly.

Step 1. Understand your Product/Service

The first thing you need to do is understand the product/service you are trying to market. Prepare the product fea...

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Quick Ways To Diversify Content

Have you ever ordered a to-go meal only to find just one ingredient inside? No spices, lentils, vegetables or dressing? Sounds unappealing, right? A meal can only be as delightful as the ingredients you put in it or the components that add flavor, color, and taste to it. Similarly, it is smart content marketing that will create a strong presence for your creative offerings. An impressive blog presence can strengthen the foundation but it cannot stand alone.

To gain an edge over your competitors and attract your identified target ...

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Content Editing Checklist

Creating meaningful content entails extensive research by writers and though considered a dream job, it is not everyone’s cup of tea! Apart from different writing skills a writer also needs to have an original touch to the articles, persuasive and well-researched content. The information has to be precisely worded and accurate, be it for a product, a business or for a blog. Just a flair for writing is not sufficient because content writing involves an entire toolkit of skills.

Editing an article is a crucial aspect of conte...

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