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Website Design Do's and Don'ts!

The dynamics of website designing are constantly evolving phenomena. Each year there are old and outdated trends which give way to the new ones. Web designers need to consistently keep themselves updated with website design trends so as to offer the best to their clients.

Listed below are certain website design mistakes to be avoided for better user-experience:

Distracting backgrounds

The design & background of a website should be kept minimalistic and simple especially if the objective is to provide information. Comp...

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Terrible Design Mistakes That Adversely Affect Your Website SEO

The first thought that comes to mind at the mention of the word ‘artist’ is uninhibited, free, and boundless. Why? That is the image which has been crafted by their profession. It is only through the liberty of working without boundaries can artists explore their vast creative capabilities. Similar is the case with website designs. When you hand over your website to a web designer to craft it into something eye-catching and interesting, you do not want him to limit his potential.However, that is where the problem begins. Eve...

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Web Development Tips - Part 2

In a website development process, time means money and to complete a project on time you need to be good at Project Management. The key is to spend considerable amount of time on creating functional documents of the project so that later on there is no room left for confusion among team members in terms of resources, quality standards, time line and other project requirements. Before embarking upon a new online venture, you may consider running a dummy site as a test blog to measure how much demand does your product or service has. If it's an ...

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Do You Sudoku

Do you Sudoku? In Britain and almost all over Europe, there is a wave of silence, which is washing over everyone. People aren't talking as much as they used to. Places such as the tube stations, fountain parks, and resting areas in shopping malls - places you would normally associate with a lot of noise and endless banter are under this same cover of silence. A lull before the storm? No. All this is courtesy Sudoku. Yes you heard it right! It is the latest Japanese dispatch to the western countries. Now for the meani...

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