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5 Simple Twitter Tricks you didn’t know of!

Twitter possesses its own set of distinct advantages for brands and businesses that you can’t ignore. It increases brand awareness and what business wouldn’t want that! To make effective use of this global platform, follow these simple twitter tricks to have more engagement and followers.


Tweet more to get more followers: If you haven’t tried it yet, you must try this twitter tip now! The brands, people or journalists who post a good number of short and crisp tweets in a short time span and tweet regularly get followers growth 50% more than expected.

Schedule your tweets to increase visibility: The key behind followers’ growth on Twitter is the visibility of tweets. The more you tweet, the more followers you get. So to increase your tweet visibility, you must schedule your tweets with tools like Hootsuite and Socialoomph.com.

Use Hashtags to increase engagement by 100%: According to a research on Twitter, tweets that are inclusive of hashtags got their engagement increased by 100% as compared to the ones deprived of hashtags. Hashtags relevant to your business must always be embedded in the tweets as it increases your tweet visibility.

Tweet with Media: If you are just tweeting texts and links, then you are not doing it completely right. Twitter is a multi-media network; to make the best use of it, you must include images, videos or even Slideshare presentations in your tweets to increase engagement. Tweets embedded with such media get 3 or 4 times more engagement than the simple text tweets.

Retweet with @mentions to fasten followers’ growth:  Share the tweets of influencers and use @mentions so they are informed instantly. “Share with @mention” is the twitter trick that can surely get you more followers if you religiously abide by it.

What about you? What’s your strategy of using Twitter? Have any other trick that has been effective enough to get you more Twitter Engagement? Share your views in the comment section below & stay connected with us to know more such tips and tricks!



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