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Best Practices in Viral Marketing

In continuation with my previous article, I shall now discuss the great tactics sharing some viral success stories to help you understand how a given content can be made to go viral successfully.


The “why” of a rich viral story is not so easily explainable. So here is a look at the significant tactics of viral marketing. The widespread audience most often associates to a “viral” piece of content with a hilarious YouTube video, such a Gangnam Style. Other broad mediums and methods are:

The Guerilla Tactics: Go “guerilla” focus on low-cost, unconventional marketing tactics to gain exposure, widen your contact base and putting those marketing efforts to your best advantage. There are so many guerrilla tactics in combination with social media that are free, easy to implement and accumulate huge results. You just need to create a story worth talking about and yield maximum results.

Instill Growth into the Product: Spreading brand awareness through social media channels serves as a fine showcase of virality. Disseminate the Unique Selling Preposition through various tactics influencing people to talk about the brand and the product.

Bringing Back the “Pleasant Experience” Memories: It means making the content so “real” to the viewer with an instant click on their mind that they match with their real experience just like seeing an Easter egg reminds them of the jovial Easter celebrations. This viral marketing for “Easter eggs” in marketing is the viral campaign very commonly used these days and is frequently used as a means of viral marketing for horror movies, hidden surprises etc. Whatever you may think of, it should appeal to your target audience in the similar manner that turns your campaign into a massive success with millions of people hitting the site.

Viral Series of Visuals: Video series of your product line can also move your brand forward. This tactic will let your audience talk about the old products and within the series, you can add and promote the new product line too.

Boost Interaction: Whenever people get engaged to something, it definitely makes their experience more memorable. Interaction increases the likelihood of the content when it’s discussed with others.

The Ever-classic Viral Video: Okay, you knew this would be here! With the emergence of free video hosting on YouTube, a viral video uploaded here is almost synonymous with viral marketing. Usually, such marketing videos are creative advertisements.

Creating Viral Articles: Writers, you can still run the show! Viral articles generally focus on items of “low-controversy”- or debates that hinge on issues that won’t hurt any feelings. Controversies at low levels increase the likelihood of discussion, but beyond a moderate level of controversy, actually decreases the likelihood of discussion.

Viral marketing in social media is an utmost free lunch. You just need to seed an idea and disseminate your message, sell your product, and let it go viral!

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