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LinkedIn Groups: The Heart of LinkedIn


Why do people call LinkedIn groups the heart of LinkedIn? Because people get maximum interaction and better understanding of each other’s business using these groups. A group is one place from where you can get help and also do the same for others. They work on very simple principles:linkedin-groups

- Give: give favor to other

- Ask: ask others to do a favor to you.

- Thanks: after doing the above, say thanks.

 In this way one can increase trust and build strong connections. Before the discussion function was added to LinkedIn, it was just like a directory to hold Linked connections. But with this introduction the LinkedIn platform became easier for professionals to give and receive help on various business related issues.

Advantages of being a group member:

LinkedIn groups are like virtual hubs where people gather and share their ideas and experiences with others. So I personally encourage people to join groups of their own interest on LinkedIn. Following are the benefits of joining groups on LinkedIn:

  1. You can directly put up your queries using the discussion forum and receive help from well-informed professionals.
  2. You can have direct access to the profiles of some persons even if they do not fall in your list of first, second or third degree connections.
  3. By answering the questions on LinkedIn you can show you presence and expertise. But make sure that your answers should be relevant and don’t speak in a tone as if you are there to only advertise yourself by answering the questions.
  4. You can show your visibility by sharing your articles, blogs or your company’s URL but again don’t use marketing tone. This sort of sharing is recommended, as it will give others, those who matter, an idea about your business.

 To conclude, it can be strongly recommended that you join one or more groups on LinkedIn and always try to be active on that. But remember; always join a group of your interest and one that is relevant to your profession. Like if you are looking for a job then choose a group where recruiters can find your resume. Similarly, you can choose groups that are specific to other interests to make the most of this platform.

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