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How to Optimize your Social Media Business Page

Today, almost every business firm, whether its small scale or large scale, wants to be on the Social Media platform and yes, they indeed need to be! Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. are certainly important for B2C firms and on other hand for B2B, LinkedIn is a very important asset for business as well as for the current recruitment process at various firms. Just as we all dress up nicely to look attractive in our day to day activities while meeting friends, colleagues, or even the important business associates, in the same way we need to optimize the presentation of our Business Social Media page so that our customers likes our page or follow us.



Here is a thing; people don’t have time to look from every perspective, they mainly judge your Profile Page within the first few seconds, on the basis on how it looks! This opinion is what they are going to stick with for future updates and if you make a good impression, they may as well share and likes your posts. So let me tell you a few basic things that certainly won’t take more than an hour to learn in order to be able to optimize your Social Media Business Page.

Setting Up a Suitable Account Name for Your Social Media Business Page:

This part is easy as well as crucial. It is the means by which your customers/ business prospects are going to look for you on social media. Therefore the name should be small and catchy and should represent your business and indicative of the business type. I would recommend you have a tagline of 3-4 words to accompany it; this tag line should let others know about your vision and should ideally be a part of your profile picture (of the business page) as well.

Setting up Profile Picture and Cover Photo:

Every social media page has a profile picture and a cover photo. Use it effectively as it is important and helps the audience in judging your business. The profile picture should be something original; it can represent your firm’s logo, your firm name, a unique symbol etc. It should be simple and neat without the use of any effects or Photoshop to enhance it (adding glitter, shadows, glares etc.). Remember, this is a must avoid for business pages, after all it is going to be your brand image, your unique identity on social media. Also, remember to update your profile picture in case things change in your company.

Cover Photo can be used to serve way more purpose than just acting as a brand image/ logo. It can be updated with reference to a new product launch, events/ campaigns, sales/discounts offers, promoting your USP etc. A cover photo too must be original; using images from other sources should never be the plan.

If you are a small setup and want to keep things simple, hire freelancers, as they are available at much affordable prices for such small projects rather than investing a great amount of money and time in buying original software and then learning to operate them.

Add an Appealing Business Description:

Adding description for your business on its social media business page should be considered a top priority task. This is where your customer or maybe business prospects (on LinkedIn) will look to understand your business products and services. On social media, time is a very crucial element. If today customers/ prospects don’t find things they are looking for, there are very little chances that they will revisit again. Therefore a business description should be short and precise to clearly communicate your business to those who are looking for it. Adding website links, firm’s location & address, contact number, email id for contact will help complete your profile in all terms. This will not only make your business products and services more accessible but also helps better their Google search engine results on Google+.

Aother than these three basics, always remember to choose the exact industry category under which your business falls. Choose the most suited category as a wrong selection here is sure to have consequences that wont be pleasing to you or your business! For instance doing so will straight away give a bad impression on prospects in case of LinkedIn.

Customers make instant decisions based on your profile relying on your profile picture, cover photo, tagline, and description about your business. Here onwards it is simple, they will either follow/like you or simply ignore you. But if they follow you, know that they wish to learn from you and interact with you. This brings us to the next focal area - quality content for your posts that matters and appeals the most to your customer on social media. I will surely talk about the content you need to post on your page and how you should strategise but let’s discuss that individually in a fresh post, in the coming weeks.

Please feel free to leave a reply for further discussion or contact us if you would like us to handle your brand page!



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