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Popular Blogging Mistakes That Your Business Needs to Avoid.

If you run a company then you must be having a company blog for it. This blog is essential for highlighting your company’s features, services, etc. However, there are certain factors that need to be given due consideration to ensure that your blog does not misuse its power of marketing. Let’s have a look at some common mistakes that bloggers do while blog writing for your business!


  • Keeping a high sales pitch: The first and foremost purpose of your company blog should be educating customers and not selling products. The finest blogs are the ones that keep the selling part as a secondary element. Also, you need to be regular with the blog posts but make sure that you do not indulge in over posting.
  • Making no room for comments: Various companies do not keep a comment section for their blogs. This hampers customer engagement. Your company blog should be a two-way platform where you can share news and allow your users to share their viewpoints through comments. There’s no point having a blog that does not facilitate user engagement.
  • Concentrating only on your company: Your blog should provide information about trending industry news, technologies, etc. If your blog solely focuses on your company’s services then customers will soon lose interest in it. To establish yourself as a thought leader of an industry, you need to boost the readership of your blog and add some brand value to your services.
  • Completely overlooking the selling part: Though your company blog should not keep a high sales pitch, it does not mean that you should completely forget the selling element. Many blogs overlook the fact that the ultimate purpose of their blog is to increase the interest of customers in their services. Thus, do not forget to link the content of your blog with your brand and also include an indirect sales element.
  • Irritating pop-ups: Pop-ups on your blog can a big turn off for customers. Your call to action should be included in a way that does not annoy customers and turn them away. If there is a need to include pop-ups on your website then make sure that they do not open up the second a customer visits your blog.
  • Writing poor/low-quality content: Sometimes in an attempt to drive more traffic to the website, you tend to post content without paying much attention to the quality. Stuffing your blog with content which is poor in quality will serve no purpose at all. Instead of focusing on quantity, focus on blog posts that have high quality and rich content. Do the right keyword research and analysis for your blog post and add those curated keywords in the content. This will optimize your content. 
  • Grammatical mistakes: More often than not, company blogs tend to overlook the grammatical aspects of their content. An eminent blog that builds trust and reliability with the target market has to appear knowledgeable at all levels. You should encourage your team members to review their articles thoroughly before publishing them on the blog and also get the content proofread.

So the next time you do blog writing on your company blog, make sure to take a note of the above-mentioned factors.

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