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Website Analysis: What It Is and How We Do It!

  • Jasleen Mavi
  • SEO
  • January 23, 2017
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Every website is different and it’s hard to analyze it just by glancing at it. Therefore, the very first thing we do when we start working on a search engine optimization project is performed thorough website analysis.

Website Analysis is a comprehensive review of a website, its URL structure, hyperlinking, content, keywords used etc. A review of the code, images and tags will give us an insight as to how lean and efficient your website design is.

Amongst other aspects, we evaluate the following –

  • Extract a list of site URLs for evaluation
  • Broken links check (Internal / External)
  • Check server response code for each URL
  • Check Search Engine saturation (Pages indexed in search engine / Total site pages)
  • Check Page Rank of each URL
  • Check site Alexa rank (Traffic rankings)
  • Age of domain, validity
  • Hosted in country
  • Site load speed, page load speed
  • Page size, average
  • Check duplicate / copied content
  • Directory depth check
  • Browser compatibility check
  • Current traffic analysis
  • Setup Google Webmaster Tools / Google Search Console
  • Setup Google Analytics

Website Analysis is an important task and we spend a large amount of time performing the analysis and creating a plan for site’s SEO. 

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