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What is a Bounce Rate?

  • Kanika Arora
  • SEO
  • January 10, 2017
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Bounce rate is nothing but the number of visitors who leave your website before clicking into inside content pages. Anyone who visits your site and leaves without checking any other page in the site is known as ‘Bounced’.

Generally, visitor bouncing happens when he/she doesn’t bother to see the inside pages or he/she clicks the back button to visits the previous page or he/she close the tab or he/she check the external links in your site. 

Why you should know the Bounce Rate of your website?

Bounce rate plays a crucial role in indicating the performance of the website, it shows the real worth of a website from the visitor point of view. All your SEO investments go in vain when visitor bounce back from your website.

Bounce rate strongly effects on your page ranking. Visitor bouncing gives a clue to Google spider that the content in your page is not useful for a user and further facilitate demotion of your website which affects the page rank of your website. Therefore, don’t underestimate the power of bounce rate, it should be considered foremost the search-engine optimization process.

How to Calculate?

Bounce Rate Total Number of Bouncers on the page * 100

                                Total Number of Visitors on the page     

For eg. If 2400 people visited your website in a specific period of time and out of 2400, 2000 bounced back.

Your Bounce Rate will be – 2000 * 100 = 83.33%


Bounce Rate 83.33% depicts that your website is not meeting the visitor’s expectation and you need to really work on it.

Concerns of high bounce rate?

Bounce rate helps search engine to interpret the quality of content and aid in ranking pages. Bounce rate doesn’t happen out of specific factor as it fluctuates from site to site. High Bounce rate can range between 55%– 60% ie. If out of 100% visitor 60% is bouncing back, then that’s the indication of trouble and you definitely need to change the track.

Some of the prospects for high bounce rate are-

  • Expectation – When you are not able to meet the audience expectations, they simply step out of your site.
  • Keywords – If keywords you chose is misleading and thereupon attracting the dead wood.
  • Confusing Content – When a visitor is expecting a straight forward answer to its query and your content is probably much more than required.
  • Clumsy Structure – We all prefer to read a well-organized content supported with relevant visuals. So, if your website has any flashy layout or misguiding content; it can upset the visitor.
  • Link Building – When you have linkages, navigations or advertisements attached with your website, it pushes your visitor to switch to other mentioned links.
  • Ignorance – Oftentimes seeker isn’t much tech savvy and they don’t know how to scan website properly. Thence, leave your page without putting any efforts.
  • Loading- When your site load speed is extremely poor.

But there is always the other round of corner. High bounce rate can also be a sign of high-quality SEO ensuring more and more search suggestion of your website, due to which it is even reaching to the audience who are rather searching for different results.

Action Required:

Don’t confuse Google analytics with poor quality keywords. To reduce your bounce rate one should preserve a web site precise and attractive enough to grab viewer’s attention. Google has categorized websites in different categories to ease their calculation of bounce rate, which hints that bounce rate differs from one industry to another.

And at the end, it is all about the quality of your content which needs to be relevant and useful to make a positive impression on a visitor that can advance him to check rest pages as well. On the other hand, if you are not getting enough of a visitor on your page then ‘Search Engine Optimization’ is the place where you need to drudge.

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