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YouTube-The New Gen Business Marketing Tool


Have you limited your business marketing to just Facebook, Google+ and Twitter? If yes, then you may be missing out on some great opportunities! The most preferred and widely used platform for video sharing, YouTube has now become one of the most trendy and significant marketing tools. Taking into notice its humongous number of users, the platform can open new horizons for your business. And what’s more, YouTube costs nothing from you to upload your videos! Here’s a list of some essential tips on how you can use YouTube as a marketing tool for your business.


  • Build brand awareness for your business: Make your YouTube business page look distinctive and appealing. Alter the background appearance and color settings to match with your company’s theme colors. To make sure that your business gets recognized across multiple online platforms, it is necessary that you add your business logo wherever it is suited.
  • Attract people to your services: The sole purpose of social media marketing is to drive customers towards your services and increase your conversion rate. Your content should be interesting and attractive enough to attract masses towards your business. Make it clear to your viewers the reason they should utilize your services within the first few minutes of your video.
  • Include the link to your business page: Once people view your video on YouTube, it is important that they are directed towards your business. To make things easier, inculcate the link of your page in the description section below your uploaded video. You wouldn’t want your potential customers to get directed to your competitors’ business page while they are searching for yours.
  • Mention your business contact details: While setting up your YouTube account, it is essential that you mention all the contact details of your business. This not only assists your clients but also improves your search results in Google. All this helps in improving your visibility in the online community.
  • Emphasis should be on entertainment: Your YouTube video should be centered on entertainment and not advertisement of your services. For using YouTube for advertising purposes, it is recommended that you pay through AdWords and get your ad promoted on the platform to various demographics. Educational and entertaining content gets shared above the advertising one. Make your content both informative and light so that you can engage audience through comments and likes.
  • Go for collaboration: To widen your span of audience, collaborate with other YouTubers. Share the content of your peers and it will increase the chances of them sharing your content. This can significantly help in boosting your online presence. Craft your strategy for cross-promotion and reach out to your potential customers to plan collaboration.
  • Go for optimization: If you want to get your video discovered among a range of other videos then you cannot neglect optimization. The most efficient method to optimize your content includes making use of keywords. Give due consideration to all the SEO factors. Utilize the tool “YouTube tag” to create search-friendly and specific tags for your video clip.

When used wisely and tactically, YouTube can prove to a great platform for business promotion. By using quality content, right optimization and great collaboration, you can improve your reach exponentially!

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