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Founded in 1986, and originally christened Pugmarks, RedAlkemi came into being in year 2005 as the umbrella brand for all company operations. Over almost 30 years, RedAlkemi has developed & managed teams and skills in Advertising, Brand Management, Print Media, Web Design, Online Publishing, Web Applications, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Promotion, Mobile Applications and Education Solutions. 28 years of rich, hands-on experience has helped evolve RedAlkemi into a versatile organization that prides itself in serious understanding of domain knowledge and then leveraging it to the advantage of what it aspires to achieve. As of today, RedAlkemi's focus is on its two lines of business, namely EduBlaze & OnPowerWeb.


With a work experience that spans across 30 years, RedAlkemi has had the privilege to work with some of the leading industry giants. The company is not afraid to push its envelope and works diligently to ensure that needs of its clients are met in the best possible manner…

RedAlkemi ERP

RedAlkemi ERP, backed by a strong team of highly experienced, Functional and Information Technology experts, provides business application solutions and related consultancy services.Be it a challenge to put in place Production related business processes of an 100…


Setup your artsy portfolio on OnArtCircle and display your creativity and talent to the world. OnArtCirle is perfect for setting up your portfolio website and keeping your entire portfolio organized and in a single location. OnArtCircle is extremely user friendly…