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Link Building For Dentists

Get Best Dentist Website Back Links Building & Citations Building for a High Search Engine Ranking on Google

It is important to improve incoming links and social signals for dentists website in order to rank highly in search engines like Google. Dentists Link Building has undergone a significant change over the years. Now it is more appropriate to provide good reasons to naturally attract incoming links to your website rather than artificially build or solicit them.

Our link building efforts are a major enhancement to our Dental Locals SEO campaigns. It is difficult to rank for your dental industry keywords without the back links support and corresponding support of the social signals. The dental link building experts at RedAlkemi define your local SEO objectives and design a link building campaign to meet your core campaign objectives by identifying influencers and key audience to reach out to, and create a strategy to attract them through content, places they hang out & PR outreach. Links created are relevant to the dental industry, brand and keywords identified for your campaign. Links are built on high Domain Authority, Page Authority and Citation Flow pages. As a result, the links we create are “algorithm-update” safe forever.

Our carefully designed link building package includes diversified links from following sources

  • Dental Industry Directory Submission
    There are hundreds of Dental Industry Directories available in dentist category business. We shall search for the suitable directories matching dental business and submit your dentist website listings in it. Apart from getting a good link from such a listing, you would also get traffic from the visitors to these directory sites, looking for dental treatments and solution. 

  • Local Directory Submissions
    Similar to above directories, the local directories cater to audience from your local area of operations. 

  • Dental Article submission
    The unique articles we write for your dental practice, shall be submitted to various sites in dental industry, which are a popular hangout for your target audience. 

  • Social Bookmarking
    Your dental site shall be bookmarked on social bookmarking platforms like - Delicious, Digg, Google Bookmarks, Pinterest, Reddit, StumbleUpon etc. 

  • Dental Blog Posting and Commenting
    Several dental industry-focused blogs accept guest comments and allow 'dofollow' site link within the comments. These are great places not only to get a good link backs for your dental website, but also popularize your dental services in the target audience. 

  • Classified Ad posting
    There are many dental industry sites offering classifieds ad posting. Several of these have decent audience traffic. Listing in these sites not only gets a relevant link back to your dental website, but can also get good traffic of potential patients to your site. 

  • RSS Feed Submission
    There are many prominent sites that accept RSS feeds from your dental website. Submissions will be made to these sites to offer your RSS content to their readers. 

  • Dental Forum Posting
    As you may be aware that there are many discussion forums on every topic. We shall identify prominent discussion forums of dental industry and signup on these to promote your dental website and to discuss on topics relevant to your services and treatments. 

  • Press Release Writing (300-350 words)
    A press release is an effective way to get publicity about your dental services. A well-written press release can result in multiple published articles about your dental firm and its services. That can mean new patient contacting you about dental treatments. Press releases also carry your dental website links to various sites they circulate the content to. 

  • Dental Press Release Site Submission
    Submitting the press releases to various online PR websites. 

  • Dental Video Submissions
    YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion and many more popular sites are a great place to take your videos to your target audience. Submissions to such sites will be made for the video content provided by the client. 

  • Yahoo Answer Posts
    Yahoo Answers is a great way to create links and a positive impression about your website along with links to your URL. Yahoo Answers can be used not only to ask questions & opinions about your dental services but also answer questions posted by other users.

View our Dental Services Link Building Packages here and give us a shout to have one of our dental services experts evaluate your dental website & business challenges and provide you with an optimum solution.