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Digital Brand Guide

Before venturing into the world of digital marketing, make sure you have all elements of your branding in place via a Digital Brand & Style Guide!

A digital brand style guide is the primary visual DNA of your brand, though it can also reference grammar, tone, word usage and point of view. Essentially, it's a branding document that describes, defines and presents examples of what your branding on social media looks like and what protocols will be followed whenever there is an execution of anything visual or verbal pertaining to the brand online. Besides just writing a brand story, a detailed brand guide design document is outlined.

Just as consistency in behavior is required to trust a person, consistent branding increases the reliability of your brand, whether it’s branding for start-ups or branding for your business. This is why branding guidelines are an essential branding element in marketing. A brand guide defines what your brand looks, feels, and sounds like. It's the brand manual that makes sure that every employee and associate understands the mission and vision of the brand.
Branding elements like brand story, logo specifications, color palette, typography styles, imagery and voice defined through the brand guide help maintain a brand personality and a consistent branding strategy, which in turn increases your brand value.

Your Digital brand guide will have the following elements of branding, as well as any others brand guidelines that will help build consistent branding and personality of the brand.

  • Personality
  • Core Values
  • Target Audience 
  • Brand Story
  • Logo Specs and Uses
  • Color Palette
  • Typography
  • Imagery
  • Voice
  • Vision, Mission, Tag line
  • Digital & Social Media guides For

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

  • Blogs

  • Google Plus

  • Twitter

 Why consistent branding is important? 


Brands are built to last but if not used properly, they can devalue quickly. Every time your logo, font or type is altered, stretched or cropped, your brand loses equity. Creating a brand style guide will help your company hold its value for many years as well as strengthen your brand with every message.


Your brand is not just about your logo, color or font; it is also about ideas and emotions your company wants to communicate. Brand manuals help convey these messages to your audience through your posts across different digital media channels and help keep them consistent through time.


Your brand style guide gives your employees instructions on how your brand should appear across different media channels, even if you team is replaced. If your branding process follows strategic branding guidelines based on your manual, the branding itself adds value to your company.

How do our branding experts create a digital brand guide?

RedAlkemi designs and builds brand style guides for business documents on the basis of interviews with you to define and fine tune all the above aspects of your digital brand guide. Branding elements and strategies are also reflected in the visuals and content produced for branding on social media.

Specific brand design guides will be created for branding online and sent to you along with a branding plan for approval before the styling is implemented on any platform. Once approved, we recommend sticking to a style guide so that the brand recall can be achieved in the consumers’ sub-conscious.

The brand story for your brand needs to emerge from the ethos of the company, reflect in its vision and mission as well as the tag line which will be used across the board in every message and visual.


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