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Dental SEO Marketing

Get Best Promotion of your Dentist Website by Local Dental SEO & Internet Marketing Experts

Dental Internet Marketing Promotion through our Local SEO Expert for Dentists

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been and will continue to be an integral part of your dental website digital marketing strategy. However, the way Google handles your dental website ranking has changed significantly over the past few years. Google now realizes that many businesses (like Dentists) only have a limited local physical reach. You’d probably patients from about 10 miles radius. So users searching for a dentist, are unlikely to be impressed with the results that Google may show of dentists from other states. The patients trying to locate a dentists want to see local results in her proximity. That is why Google has created GMB or Google My Business interface for local businesses to claim and verify their local presence, so that Google can rank their website prominently based on the user’s physical proximity and local city keywords.

Local Search Engine Optimization (or Local SEO)

is today a highly evolved process. There are many factors that play in to the ranking of your website. Amongst prominent ones are –

  1. Physically verified or Owner-Verified Google My Business listing (That includes your name, address & phone number)
  2. Google Map Listing with driving directions
  3. Volume and quality of user reviews on Google My Business
  4. The level & quality of you Localized SEO on your website
  5. Has your site been optimized for your dental specialties keywords & search terms the users are searching for?
  6. The prominent dental processes keywords you have selected for your SEO
  7. Yelp listing & reviews, Angies list etc.
  8. The number of back-links pointing to your website with relevant Anchor Text in the hyperlink (and the link page & domain authority)
  9. Citations of your business on various websites (including your accurate NAP – Name Address & Phone Number)
  10. How many local and trade-related directories is your business listed in?
  11. Is your business referred on various news / PR sites?
  12. How good is you Page Speed on Google
  13. Is your site mobile optimized for local mobile or “Near Me” or voice searches?
  14. Impact of Google’s Pigeon & Possum Filter algorithms

 The quality of this work determines whether you are ranked on Google rank ‘zero’ (also called Google 3-pack), which are the three prominent listings on top of the Google search result page, when you search for “Dentist + Your City”. These listings invariably hog most of the user traffic even on the 1st page. If your dental practice is not listed in Google 3-pack, you need to be concerned. Hardly anyone goes to page #2 or further down. Research shows that ”Near me” search volume is also exploding. It’s something that can be optimized for, in your link building and on-site optimization efforts.

 As you may have noticed, some of the above list requires highly technical handling of your Local SEO and Internet Promotion process. If you land up with someone SEO company unfamiliar with all these processes, you may have a hard time getting new patients to your clinic. They would easily go to your competitor who ranks highly on Google by doing all the above stuff right.

Dental Practice SEO Marketing for your Website

Local Dentists SEO is a proven and successful service to accomplish high organic rankings, when handled in the correct manner. You need to address all relevant user intent, whether someone is searching for – laughing gas sedation, list of dental treatments, information on dental treatment processes, dentist blogs or how to get a dental appointment with your dental practice.

 At RedAlkemi, we bring over 15 years of experience in managing website optimization and using best practices to rank your website higher.

Our Dental SEO Process is as follows:

Dental Website Local SEO Analysis

A comprehensive review of your dental website, its URL structure, hyper linking, content, keywords used etc is carried out by our team of local SEO experts. A review of the code, images and tags will give us an insight as to how lean and efficient your website design is. We analyze –

  • The complete list of your dental website URLs
  • Broken links check (Internal / External)
  • Check server response code for each URL of your dental website
  • Check Search Engine saturation (Pages indexed in search engine / Total site pages)
  • Check site Alexa rank (Traffic rankings)
  • Age of domain, validity period
  • Hosted in country
  • Site load speed, page load speed (Desktop & Mobile versions)
  • Page size & image size check
  • Check duplicate / copied content
  • Browser compatibility check
  • Current traffic analysis
  • Setup Google Search Console
  • Setup Google Analytics
  • Setup & verify Google My Business – Name, Address, Phone number (NAP)
  • Claim Google Maps Location (driving directions)

Dental Website Search Engine Friendliness Analysis

Once your dental website is analyzed by our local SEO experts, they proceed to check the Search Engine-Friendliness of your website. This is because if the site is not search engine index friendly, no amount of SEO efforts will yield any positive results. Amongst other aspects, our local SEO expert team evaluates the important aspects such as –

  • Robots.txt for its accuracy
  • Robots meta tags validity
  • Session IDs (not search engine friendly URLs)
  • iframes check
  • Flash check
  • Ajax check
  • Text in image check
  • Website intra-linking check
  • Embedded Java Scripts (not search engine friendly)
  • Embedded CSS (not search engine friendly)
  • Meta refresh tags (not search engine friendly)
  • 301 / 302 redirects
  • Cloaking
  • Hidden texts
  • Customized 404 page
  • Sitemap depth
  • Google XML sitemap
  • Main domain "www" check / Canonicals check
  • Sub domains check (if any exist)
  • Links in drop-downs (not search engine friendly)

Keyword Research for Local Dentists SEO

An in-depth review of the dental keywords most relevant, pertinent to, and affordable for your dental business are analyzed. This is a critical aspect of Local SEO and needs a lot of research and curating to cull out the most appropriate dental keywords for optimizing your website. The keyword research process for your dental practice involves -

  • Raw / basic / head dental keywords discussed with you
  • Extract dental processes keywords list from site
  • Dental practice keywords extraction using leading keyword research tools
  • Checking dental keyword search volume / Traffic it can deliver
  • Checking dental keyword competition
  • Checking link-backs required to rank each dental keyword
  • Dental keyword relevance evaluation
  • Grading dental keywords in Long-term generic keywords, Primary keywords, Focused traffic keywords & Long-tail conversion keywords
  • Final dental keywords selection with you
  • Time frame expected for ranking on selected keywords

Local SEO Level Check for your Dental Website

Once we have done the initial site analysis, we carry out the evaluation of the current level of Local Dental SEO already done on the site. In particular, we evaluate the aspects like –

  • Title Tag analysis
  • Meta tags analysis
  • Robots tag check
  • Image name & Alt Text optimization
  • Image Title Attributes optimization
  • Anchor text / Anchor Title Attributes optimization
  • HTML markups (H1-H6, Body text, Strong, Italics, Underline, List Items, CSS)
  • Dental keywords optimization in text and other elements of the page
  • File-name format check / keywords used in file-names
  • XML Sitemap check

On Page Local SEO Optimization of your Dental Website for Dentist Keywords

A detailed and specific documentation on each aspect and element of your dental website optimization is carried out. Our local SEO expert team in coordination with your team gives clear and specific instructions on how to implement the Dental SEO on your website. Or our own team can handle the entire Dental Local SEO Implementation process on your website if we are handling your website development also. Amongst other aspects, our Local Dental SEO Expert team handles –

  • Dental SEO theme grouping – Creating content Silo on your dental website
  • Title tag optimization based on page theme
  • Meta tag analysis & optimization based on page theme
  • Image name & Alt Text optimization based on page theme
  • Image Title Attributes optimization based on page theme
  • Anchor text optimization based on page theme & target page theme
  • HTML markups optimization (H1-H5, Body text, Strong, Italics, Underline, List Items, CSS)
  • Dental keyword density optimization on page’s visible text
  • Dental keywords optimization in text and other elements of the page
  • File-name format check / Dental keywords used in file-names optimization
  • Robots.txt optimization
  • Robots meta tags optimization for each page
  • Session IDs removal (if any)
  • iframes removal (if any)
  • Flash content alternative text creation
  • Ajax content alternative text creation
  • Text embedded in image content alternative text creation
  • Embedded JavaScripts optimization
  • Embedded CSS optimization
  • 301 / 302 redirects evaluation
  • Customized 404 page creation
  • Google XML sitemap creation and submission in Google Search Console
  • Main domain "www" / Canonicals optimization
  • Subdomains check & optimization
  • Links in drop-downs – Alternate HTML Site-map creation
  • Content change recommendation
  • Content addition recommendation

Pre & Post Website Optimization of your Dental Website

Once we initiate the website optimization process, we carry out the tasks related to pre-optimization ranking report, search engine submissions, post optimization ranking report. Our Local Dental SEO Expert team monitors the following -

  • We run a Pre-Optimization Search Engine Ranking report for all your selected dental keywords to evaluate the current site ranking in prominent search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Carrying out the Local Dental SEO process on your dental website
  • Quality Check of all Local SEO implementation & recommendations
  • Manual Site Submission – to all major search engines
  • Initiate Dentists link building process based on link building package signed up for, to promote your website
  • Run a Post optimization ranking report on a monthly basis
  • Monthly Dental Website SEO maintenance of the site also initiates at this stage where each month, more and more pages are optimized and more link building is carried out to help more pages rank higher in search engine like Google.
  • Monthly site optimization, link building and ranking reports are sent to you for your review.

If you have any more question or if you would like our Local SEO Expert to evaluate your site and give you some free feedback, let us know here.