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SEO Case Study

Our SEO rankings on Page #1 of Google will prove that if we can do it for ourselves, we can do it for you. See our SEO Case Study 

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) search results

We have achieved Page #1 results in Google SERPs for the following competitive keywords for Local SEO -

Keyword Google Rank   Keyword Google Rank
best local seo bay area 1   cms reseller white label 2
best local seo bellevue 1   white label cms reseller 2
best local seo redmond 1   local seo san francisco 2
best local seo san francisco 1   local seo bay area 2
best local seo sfo 1   local seo redmond 2
local seo bellevue 1   cms reseller white label 2
local seo expert bay area 1   white label cms reseller 2
local seo expert bellevue 1   white label cms for designers 3
local seo expert redmond 1   best local seo seattle 3
local seo expert san francisco 1   redmond seo expert 3
local seo expert seattle 1   white label cms for designers 5
local seo expert sfo 1   white label cms multi site 4
local seo sfo 1      


The above keywords report is as on 7th June 2017. Actual results may fluctuate over time.

How we achieved page #1 ranking on Google?
RedAlkemi has had an extensive experience in handling SEO for 1000’s of clients over the last 21 years. We have tracked every algorithm change of Google over the last 18 years and assessed which SEO techniques are white-hat, that are not only are safe in Google, but work well in ranking websites high in most Search Engines. Our team of experts of Local Search Engine Optimization handle each project with deep on-site and off-site optimization techniques to get top ranking results. For Local SEO Services, our company is your best choice.

Our Search Engine Optimization process for Best Local SEO Services covers:

Website Analysis for Localized SEO Optimization

A comprehensive review of your website, with analysis of its URL structure, hyper links, content, local keywords used etc. is carried out by our team of Local SEO Experts. A review of the code, images and tags will give us an insight as to how lean and efficient your website design is. We carry out an in depth analysis of your website.

 Search Engine Friendliness Analysis

Once your website is analyzed by our Local SEO Experts, they proceed to check the Search Engine-Friendliness of the website. This is because if the site is not search engine index friendly, no amount of Local SEO efforts will yield any positive results. Amongst other aspects, our expert team evaluates the important aspects.

Location-specific Search Keyword Research for Google SEO

An in-depth review of the location-specific keywords most relevant, pertinent to, and affordable for your business location are analyzed. This is a critical aspect of Local SEO and needs a lot of research and curating to cull out the most appropriate keywords for optimizing your website. The keyword research process involves.

Local SEO Level Check

Once we have done the initial site analysis, we carry out the evaluation of the current level of Local SEO already done on the site. In particular, we evaluate the aspects like.

On-Page Local SEO for best results for your company

A detailed and specific documentation on each aspect and element of your website optimization is carried out. Our team in coordination with your team gives clear and specific instructions on how to implement the SEO on your website. Or our own team can handle the entire SEO Implementation process on your website.

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