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Paid Advertising

What is Paid Advertising?

Paid advertising comes mostly in the form of Pay-per-click advertising in the online world and involves the creation of ads for specific keywords that pertain to a business. The advertiser is only charged when a visitor clicks on the ad to view the service or product being advertised. Paid advertising comes in many formats and could be text or image based.


What does it involve?

Setting up paid advertising involves three steps:

    1. Creation of ads as per relevant keywords
    2. Publishing of ads on various platforms
    3. Monitoring and tracking success of ads


What is delivered?

Our approach to paid advertising is to identify the target audience, identifying high search and low cost keywords, grouping them and creating high click value ads using these parameters. Ad traffic is delivered to the website with the intention of lead generation. Ad budgets are managed carefully to ensure highest value for the ad budget.


How does it add value?

Paid advertising enables instant traffic and leads to a business. It enables a business to appear instantly in the paid results of a search term, thereby presenting the opportunity to a visitor to click and visit the business website. It adds value to a business looking to stay in high gear and not depend upon only organic results for website traffic.


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