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Reseller White Label CMS

If you are a designer looking for a white label reseller partnership for a Multisite CMS, here we are!

The RedAlkemi CMS can be used as a white label CMS for designers who wish to offer quick branded websites to their clients. The CMS white label would mean that for every website you setup for your client, the tagline would read "Powered by YourBrand" instead of "Powered by RedAlkemi" Nothing else would change in the engine and as a white label CMS reseller, you will work with RedAlkemi to enable a CMS instance everytime you want to setup a website for your client.
This also means that the white label CMS enables multi site settings for you to setup as many sites as you like for your client, however each instance would need to be enabled by RedAlkemi. Please review the extensive list of features that are available in the RedAlkemi CMS and also note that they are ever expanding features since we keep improving the CMS engine all the time. Which also means that for a certain annual fee you and your clients continue to enjoy the functionality and features of a powerful CMS, which is perfect for setting up a small business website.
Take a look at all the templates you will receive within the white label CMS, and in case you would like to brand the sites as your own, but have our team setup the websites for your clients, that too is possible. Please review the small business website packages to understand the pricing for the website building. Contact us through the form below if you would like to resell the RedAlkemi CMS as a While Labeled Application.

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