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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization has been and will continue to be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. In spite of Social Media presence & popularity, it is still important to get high organic rankings and be as highly placed as possible on search engine result pages. Every business still wants to drive in relevant organic traffic from major search engines like Google. SEO is a proven and successful service to accomplish high organic rankings, when handled in the correct manner. At RedAlkemi, we bring over 15 years of experience in managing website optimization and using best practices to rank your website higher.

Our SEO Process is as follows


Website Analysis
A comprehensive review of your website, its URL structure, hyper linking, content, keywords used etc is carried out by our team of SEO experts. A review of the code, images and tags will give us an insight as to how lean and efficient your website design is. We carry out an in depth analysis of your website.
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Search Engine Friendliness Analysis
Once your website is analyzed by our experts, they proceed to check the Search Engine-Friendliness of the website. This is because if the site is not search engine index friendly, no amount of SEO efforts will yield any positive results. Amongst other aspects, our expert team evaluates the important aspects.
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Keyword Research
An in-depth review of the keywords most relevant, pertinent to, and affordable for your business are analyzed. This is a critical aspect of SEO and needs a lot of research and curating to cull out the most appropriate keywords for optimizing your website. The keyword research process involves.
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 SEO Level Check
Once we have done the initial site analysis, we carry out the evaluation of the current level of SEO already done on the site. In particular, we evaluate the aspects like.
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 On Page Optimization
A detailed and specific documentation on each aspect and element of your website optimization is carried out. Our team in coordination with your team gives clear and specific instructions on how to implement the SEO on your website. Or our own team can handle the entire SEO Implementation process on your website.
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Pre & Post Website Optimization Tasks
Once we initiate the website optimization process, we carry out the tasks related to pre-optimization ranking report, search engine submissions, post optimization ranking report.
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