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RedAlkemi is an SEO services company in India that delivers among the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and ranking

RedAlkemi has been working in the domain of SEO and digital marketing services since 2002, when the search engine optimization industry as such was at a very nascent stage. We have, over a period of time (and a thorough understanding of the meaning of s e o) developed best practices which are ideally suited to search engine optimization for small business websites.
Since SEO used to be pretty basic and only organic in nature, at the time of its inception, all our techniques and practices were evolved around organic ranking success, and most of the work and processes we evolved required manual work and intelligent analysis. Interestingly, we still work like that and do not depend upon the so-called variety of SEO tools and software to deliver success.
As a web, SEO and SMM company, we also look at the picture from the holistic perspective, since it is imperative for us that ALL of your digital presence is in sync with each other and speak in the same tone and voice. We'd like to give you an introduction to our methods of search engine optimization and the meaning of success of your Google rankings.
As one of the oldest SEO companies in our location, we have also made sure we kept abreast with the latest trends and evolution in search engine optimization. Please do take a look at our testimonials section as well to read some of our client reviews. Do also read articles on our search engine optimization blog to understand what exactly search engine optimization is and how it can help your web pages bring in more traffic and therefore leads and conversions.
As service providers of holistic digital strategies, our work philosophy stems from the elements that are required to form a good foundation for online ranking success. This is imperative for all the work that needs to be built above the foundation to achieve the results we envision for your brand. To this end, while your website, SEO, Off-page optimization, blogs and social media might be four separate entities, our endeavor is to conceive of how they are interlinked by way of keywords that drive the success of online discovery of a brand.
For us everything stems from the keyword being searched for by your potential customer, and if we can incorporate it into the bigger picture of our execution plan, it looks something like this:

Search Engine Optimization has been and will continue to be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. In spite of Social Media presence & popularity, it is still important to get high organic rankings and be as highly placed as possible on search engine result pages. Every business still wants to drive in relevant organic traffic from major search engines like Google. SEO is a proven and successful service to accomplish high organic rankings, when handled in the correct manner. At RedAlkemi, we bring over 20 years of experience in managing website optimization and using best practices to rank your website higher.

Our Search Engine Optimization Process

For us Search Engine Optimization is the process of aligning the relevance of your website content to the keywords that best suit your business, location and user intent. While we don’t have any strict steps or magic keys for every search engine optimization project, we do have generic steps which are logical in our minds and define for us our search engine optimization process. How it works for us is a good combination of overall process and logical tweaking for a specific project depending upon audience, industry and location. Here’s an overview into how we go about tackling the search engine optimization monster:

Website Analysis

The first step is a comprehensive review of your website, its URL structure, hyper linking, content, keywords used etc. This is carried out by our company team of SEO experts. A review and analysis of the code, images and tags will give us an insight as to how lean and efficient your website design is. Strategy for search engine optimization will stem from this website analysis. A designer’s review, for instance, may give us a lot of insight into some problems that may occur during the search engine optimization process. The eventual search engine optimization plan must evolve eventually from this first step of website analysis, that is imperative.

SEO Level Check

Once we have done the initial site analysis, we carry out the evaluation of the current level of SEO already done on the site. Due to the continuous updates in Google’s ranking algorithm, website ranking in Google often fluctuates - day to day and week to week. At the inception of a project, we follow our search engine optimization checklist to make a note of all the facts that surround your current SEO ranking and position. As an example, the level check for search engine optimization for an ecommerce website would be very vast since we would tabulate the checklist for every single product page on your website.

Search Engine Friendliness Analysis

Once your website is analyzed by our experts, they proceed to check the Search Engine-Friendliness level of the website. This is because if the site is not search engine index friendly, no amount of SEO efforts will yield any positive results. Search engines are limited in how they crawl the web and interpret the content of a website. A webpage doesn't always look the same to you, as it looks to a search engine. Your website must be in line with the guidelines of search engine optimization algorithms, which essentially dictate whether you’re getting ranked high or low.
Search engine optimization analysis gives us a lot of insight into the quality of the code of your site and how much work it needs for optimization. It helps us understand the different types techniques required for search engine optimization. While there are no hard and fast search engine optimization rules or special tricks, for that matter, this review allows us to find custom solutions and the best methods to optimize your site.

Keyword Research

An in-depth review of the keywords most relevant, pertinent to, and affordable for your business is undertaken. This is a critical aspect of SEO and needs a lot of research and curating to cull out the most appropriate keywords for optimizing your website. Our keyword research philosophy is to continuously discover the most appropriate and intent based keywords which align with your content pages. A reliable search engine optimization tool is used to cull out the most relevant keywords and key phrases to use within your website, for example in the meta tags and page titles etc.
Additionally, these keywords could be long tail keyword phrases which have a low competition, but a high Key Effectiveness Index. As and when keywords are culled out and shortlisted for use, they are run past you for approval and then incorporated within the site. An example of such keywords for search engine optimization is given below along with how we incorporate them with the website pages.