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Small Business Website

A business website is imperative for information dissemination, service descriptions, company information and contact opportunities. In spite of having a strong presence on social media, it is important to have a good quality business website which can be optimized for all your offerings and services. The trend today is to develop a dynamic website which is responsive, quick to update and easy to browse, while being search engine friendly. 

We have been designing and delivering websites to our clients since 1996, and while the trends keep updating, we ensure that the core structure of a website remains robust and well thought out. A business website for your brand would comprise of dynamic features as follows, all of which can be used through a user friendly dashboard and CMS. 

All our websites are super fast, have high scores in google speed tests, are responsive and very trendy.

  • Content Pages
  • Hosting
  • Location Map
  • Social Media Connect
  • SEO Enabled CMS
  • Link Menu Levels
  • Query Form
  • Events Section
  • Testimonials Section
  • Downloads Section
  • Photo Gallery
  • Crawling Text
  • FAQ Section
  • Press Section
  • Company Blog
  • Flash Popup
  • Clients Section
  • Google Analytics Code
  • Domain Mapping
  • Header Image
  • Background Image
  • Favicon
  • Background Music
  • Chat Window
  • Site Search
  • Website Maintenance

View our Business Website Packages here and give us a shout to have one of our experts evaluate your business challenges and provide you with an optimum solution.