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Small Business Website

If you’re looking for a small business website built on one of the best website builder tools, you’ve landed at the right place!

At RedAlkemi, we’ve been doing this since 1996. So, among a whole bunch of website building companies, we’re probably one of the older, more seasoned ones. In case you’re wondering how we survived thus far, it helped that our small business website design costs were always affordable and value for money.
A business website is imperative for information dissemination, service descriptions, company information and contact opportunities. Even if you have a strong presence on social media, it is important to have a good quality business website which can be optimized for all your offerings and services. The trend today is to develop a dynamic website which is responsive, quick to update and easy to browse, while being search engine friendly.
Since we develop client websites on a CMS built within RedAlkemi, the entire process of putting together a website is quick and easy. It’s important for us that your website is very SEO friendly, else you’re sitting with a great website on the Internet, which no one is reaching because the SEO is not good enough! No one wants that.
Well, since we’ve been doing this since 1996 & search engines only came along much later, we were at the center of it all when SEO concepts picked up steam. For us it became really important that SEO be an integral part of every website we built. While we coded them from scratch in the beginning, slowly this framework started developing where the most wanted modules were built for the CMS, keeping SEO as a top priority.
Over a period of time, everything we built in our website CMS engine got slowly aligned to the fact that we needed to optimize, optimize, and optimize. When we say that is does not mean the ability to optimize your web pages alone, it also means the ability for the engine to reduce image sizes, make the code tighter and more efficient, and overall deliver a page which Google loves when it scans the source code.
Along with all the other features that got built into the website CMS, we also turned this into the best website builder with blog integration! Super easy to use, sharable on social media, comment section at the bottom of all blog posts and the ability to post through multiple authors.



Your business logo, tagline, website background image & favicon.

Website Color Scheme

A well-researched website color scheme that blends well with your brand guide.

Contact Page

Configuration of your location map, address and contact numbers.

Query Form

Customized query form which allows a quick contact point for your website visitors.

Website Design

Custom design that fits your business and its personality.

Social Media Settings

Integration with all your social pages through social icons

Home Photos

High resolution images for the website home page, indicative of your business services or products.

Home Content

Content specific to your business on the home page of your website.


Events highlighted on the home page and also leading off to the inner page specific to events


A section on the website for any downloadable content you may want to share with your visitors.


Testimonials or quotes that you want to highlight on the website home page and link through to a dedicated page for this topic.

Photo Gallery

A photo gallery for your pictures, product images, categorized as per your requirement


Your small business website blog with categories and social media share icons and connectivity

Content Pages

Website pages with three levels of menu for all your business website content and images

Counter Ticker

Countdown tickers for 5 milestones or achievements that can be highlighted on the home page

Crawling Text

Marquee text for the home page of the website to announce something and link it as well to a file or URL


A Frequently Asked Question area on the website for common questions and your answers


All clients who you work for displayed as a scrolling logo panel on the home page of the site

Flash Popup

Your website can have a pop-up window on the home page for any important sign up or action you want your visitors to take


A press section to collate any press related items that your business was covered for


An area on the website to announce any updates that the business needs to share with its visitors


A full blown sitemap of the website, indexed with Google as soon as your website is launched

Image SEO

Manage SEO enabled for all images used across the website. Changes can be made from this module itself

Page SEO

Manage the SEO of all pages on the website. Changes to the meta description, title and keywords can be made from this module itself

Web Tracking

Your Google analytics code is embedded within each page of your website to ensure you can track traffic and source


  • RedAlkemi is a website design agency that was originated in 1986
  • We provide website design, maintenance and hosting and have been doing this since 1996
  • Over the years, apart from website design, digital marketing also got incorporated as a service
  • The RedAlkemi website design builder was conceived after witnessing many people struggle with small changes on their website
  • As a website design company, we take pride in our roots in graphic design and advertising where design concepts were engrained in our way of work.
  • The RedAlkemi website design packages can also be paid for on a monthly basis when bought within the Full Service Packages
  • All website design pricing, proposal and services are rendered by the RedAlkemi team who love their work and enjoy innovating.
  • Contact us if you would like to white label our CMS and use it for your client website.