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Social Media Marketing

Social media presence and marketing is the need of the hour, and RedAlkemi will help you develop a strong & successful presence on different Social Media channels. Social media channels give you a platform to access targeted audience, with whom you can share relevant information. A strong social media presence allows your followers to keep abreast with your company news, offerings etc.

Social Media paid advertising helps you reach a specific audience based on demographics and geographical location. RedAlkemi recommends using a part of your SMM budget towards paid promotion, so as to channelize the direction of the campaign.

Channels and activities handled by us for your Social Media Campaign are as follows:

  • Facebook
    With 1.86 Billion monthly active users, Facebook can give your brand increased exposure to potential customers, gather more leads, lower your marketing expenses, reach a targeted audience, increase your web traffic, build brand loyalty & boost your SEO rankings. Facebook insights also give you trends your about your target audience and also helps you get insights about your competition. 

    What we handle for you:
    • Post creation with content and graphics
    • Updating Cover Photo every fortnight
    • Engaging with followers/sharing posts
    • Responding to any queries/comments
    • Group postings on relevant groups/discussions

  • Google+
    Every article that you share, creates a link back to your site. And with it being Google, you sharing on their social network gets your content indexed almost immediately. Share information, whether it's an infographic, video, or even something funny, sharing is caring for your Google+ network.

    What we handle for you:
    • Setting up Google+ page and profile
    • Post creation with content and graphics
    • Setting up business on Google Maps & business pages
    • Incorporate relevant keywords using HashTags

  • LinkedIn
    With over a 100 Million users, LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site which is primarily used for professional networking. LinkedIn is used on a monthly basis by over 21.4 million U.S. visitors and over 47.6 million globally. Build your Professional Network via the power of Social Media. Increase Exposure with a LinkedIn Company Page for your Product, attract quality employees, increase credibility and attract new business

    What we handle for you:
    • Setting up company page on LinkedIn
    • Adding posts on company page to increase followers
    • Participating in relevant groups on LinkedIn
  • Twitter
    With 320 Million users, Twitter is ideal for increasing brand awareness, keep up with the latest trends in your industry, promote your blog content, videos, presentations, boost your website SEO, drive website traffic, get instant feedback about your products and services, increase the reach and impact of your PR initiatives, gather real-time competitive intelligence, monitor your brand reputation, support your recruiting efforts by connecting directly with potential employees & gain direct access to high profile individuals

    What we handle for you:
    • Creating profile page
    • Updating twitter cover every fortnight
    • Tweeting & Retweeting
    • Incorporate relevant keywords using HashTag
    • Follow relevant tweets and members

  • Pinterest
    Pinterest has the potential to drive significant traffic to your website and as the site continues to grow, websites and businesses will benefit more and more. By pinning and repinning you and visitors are helping this by sharing the links back to the source, your blog or website. It also helps in building connects and develop relationships, Search Engine Optimisation, reinforces your brand, increase brand visibility and build reputation

    What we handle for you:
    • Creating company profile
    • Creating boards for Pinterest
    • Posting and sharing relevant content

  • Instagram
    Instagram is a powerful platform for creating visual content for your business. With more than 300 million active users, Instagram has caught the attention of a growing number of brands. On Instagram, you can connect with customers,  learn what people like, reach new audiences, fuel your other marketing channels and also generate sales leads. 

    What we handle for you:
    • Setting up Instagram account
    • Creating graphic posts
    • Managing posts, relevant hashtags, enagagement

  • Blog
    Blogs increases search engine and direct traffic, humanizes your brand, supports your social media initiatives, builds authority in your industry, improves conversion rates, helps generate inbound links, helps you rank for long-tail search queries, increases leads, facilitates valuable discussion and allows you to achieve ‘freshness’ in your content for encouraging repeat visits. 

    What we handle for you:
    • 250 to 400 word blog content
    • Uploading on company Blog
    • Managing comments and responses

  • Reports
    Month end performance report on all SM activities with graphs to show performance and trends. 

 View our Social Media Packages here and give us a shout to have one of our experts evaluate your business challenges and provide you with an optimum solution.