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Social Media Marketing

Social media presence and marketing is the need of the hour, and RedAlkemi will help you develop a strong & successful presence on different Social Media channels.

Social media channels give you a platform to access targeted audience, with whom you can share relevant information. A strong social media presence allows your followers to keep abreast with your company news, offerings etc. Social Media paid advertising helps you reach a specific audience based on demographics and geographical location. RedAlkemi recommends using a part of your SMM budget towards paid promotion, so as to channelize the direction of the campaign.

Channels and activities handled by us for your Social Media Campaign are as follows:


With 1.86 Billion monthly active users, Facebook gives your brand increased exposure to potential customers, gathers more leads, lowers marketing expenses, increase your web traffic & boosts your SEO rankings.
What we handle for you:
  • Post creation with content and graphics
  • Updating Cover Photo every fortnight
  • Engaging with followers/sharing posts
  • Responding to any queries/comments
  • Group postings on relevant groups/discussions


With 320 Million users, Twitter is ideal for increasing brand awareness, keeping up with the lat est trends, promoting blogs, getting instant feedback and increasing the impact of your PR initiatives.
What we handle for you:
  • Creating profile page
  • Updating twitter cover every fortnight
  • Tweeting & Retweeting
  • Incorporate relevant keywords using HashTag
  • Follow relevant tweets and members


Pinterest has the potential to drive significant traffic to your website. By pinning and re-pinning, your visitors are helping share the links back to the source, your blog or website.
What we handle for you:
  • Creating company profile
  • Creating boards for Pinterest
  • Posting and sharing relevant content


With 300+ million active users, Instagram has caught the attention of a growing number of brands. On Instagram, you can connect with customers, reach new audiences, and also generate leads.
What we handle for you:
  • Setting up Instagram account
  • Creating graphic posts
  • Managing posts, relevant hashtags, enagagement


With over a 100 Million users, LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site which is primarily used for professional networking. Build your Professional Network via the power of Social Media.
What we handle for you:
  • Setting up company page on LinkedIn
  • Adding posts on company page to increase followers
  • Participating in relevant groups on LinkedIn


Blogs increases search engine and direct traffic, builds authority in your industry, improves conversion rates, generates inbound links, helps you rank for long-tail keywords, and increases leads.
What we handle for you:
  • 250 to 400 word blog content
  • Uploading on company Blog
  • Managing comments and responses


Sharing information, whether it's an infographic, video, or even something funny, on Google + creates a link back to your site. It also gets your content indexed on Google almost immediately.
What we handle for you:
  • Setting up Google+ page and profile
  • Post creation with content and graphics
  • Setting up business on Google Maps & business pages
  • Incorporate relevant keywords using HashTags


With over 700,000 monthly users, you can build expertise and authority on your chosen topic on Quora. It helps you identify questions people are asking about your product or industry.
What we handle for you:
  • Build a Quora page for your business
  • Answer relevant questions with authority
  • Format answers in an eye-catching manner
  • Perform detailed research on topics 


With monthly insights, we show you the measurable online success we delivered for your product or brand in an easy-to-understand manner. This will be an overview of your online performance.
What we do for you
  • Analyze your brand/products online performance    
  • Organize all insights and analytics    
  • Prepare textual and graphical report summary    

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