Effective Employee Engagement Strategies

Employees form the heart of an organization. Engaging people meaningfully forms the basis of all human relationships. Employee engagement ideas are all about connecting, listening, understanding and motivating people to help them perform better and achieve higher goals in life. It is about giving them space and platform to express, to suggest and feel valuable.

This does not come easy and there are statistics to back this. The latest survey by Gallup has revealed that approximately 900 million workers are not satisfied with their...

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Importance of Clear Communication in Business

The life they say is a game of words. Anything can be achieved if you use the right words at the right time. This holds true for all endeavors of life may it be personal or professional relationships. If you are wondering how does that fit in the success of business marketing, just remember any scenario where you need to inform, convince, entertain or engage with others, communication is your trump card. Agreed, that the topic is endless but what we are going to focus on the importance of communication in business. This will keep us in ...

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How to Manage a Small Team Successfully

Most great leaders have an integral passion to lead and build elite teams. All want to lead great teams but there are only a few who are willing to lead small teams based on mediocrity and even moderation. Good teams take time, persistence and a regular chase of personal and professional development. It takes sustained personal introspection and action based on regular feedback to build great teams. All effective team management strategies are thus centred around sound leadership.

With the rise in the number of digital start-ups,...

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5 Best Cross Promotion Ideas

Marketing presents the limitless potential for growth in revenue and brand equity of your business via cross-promotion marketing. It not only brings down the overall operating costs but also helps to foster your business by the creation of a collaborative service in many ways. It is an open secret that if you plan to take your business to the next level you have to invest in many strategic partnerships with other known brands.

What is Cross Promotional Marketing?

Cross promotion refers to the expansion of the marketing reach of t...

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