7 Top Free Elementor Themes for WordPress

7 Top Free Elementor Themes for WordPress

January 24, 2023

Creating your favorite website can be a little tricky if you are a newbie to this field. In such cases, page builders can be your life savers. And one of the best among them is Elementor for WordPress websites. 

Elementor is one of the popular page-builder plugins available in the market used for WordPress. Although it offers a bunch of features, still every plugin needs themes to enhance the functionality of the websites. 

And of course, if you want to get the most out of the elementor theme, you have to use suitable WordPress themes with it. If you do so, you can easily make advanced websites that too without coding knowledge. This way, you can also save your precious time and effort while developing the website the way you want. 

Such elementor themes easily get integrated with the selected plugin. While keeping these things in mind, we have selected the top 7 elementor WordPress themes with their basic features to sort it out for you.

Let’s have a look further to know!

Reasons for Using Elementor Themes

As you know, there are a lot of WordPress themes available in the market. Then why use elementor themes? 

There are many reasons behind that. Elementor themes give a handful of features and functionalities that you may miss in simple WordPress themes. Some of them are

  • These themes have full control over web pages like the headers, footers, width, etc. 
  • You can get multiple styling options like color, font, typography, etc.
  • You can make a super-fast and efficient website. 
  • The website built with elementor themes is highly responsive and customizable.
  • You can get support from vast plugins. 

Top Elementor Themes for WordPress


One of the most famous theme options for WordPress is OceanWP. It works very well with elementor builder. It is a very lightweight theme used for multi-purposes while building a website. OceanWP works really nicely with both small and large both kinds of websites. You can also get unique elementor widgets to speed up the development of your website.

Some Potential Features of the Free Version of OceanWP

  • You can easily customize the header, footer, 404 error page, and many more.
  • You can integrate WooCommerce easily for online retailers.
  • It also offers built-in SEO and a fast-loading system.

Some Potential Features of the Pro Version of OceanWP

  • You can control the typography of a single post layout.
  • Easily customize even a single detail of single post layout components.
  • With the premium version, you can easily enhance the functionality of the website.

Active Installations of OceanWP: 700,000+


Our next option on the list is a multi-purpose, responsive WordPress theme named Neve. This lightweight theme assists you to enhance the search engine optimization of your platform. Neve is a very flexible and customer-friendly theme to quickly build web platforms. It also offers pre-built demos to help the customer easily start their development work. 

Some Potential Features of the Free Version of Neve

  • You can easily and quickly create websites with SEO-friendly code and structure. 
  • Editing in the live customizer helps you to see real-time changes.
  • It offers a very easy-to-do setup and awesome designs.

Some Potential Features of the Pro Version of Neve

  • You can use 7 premium widgets, animations, content protection, etc.
  • You can get multiple HTML header and footer components.
  • Get flexible controls and intuitive designs to customize your blog’s layout.

Active Installations of Neve: 300,000+


Another one of the popular elementor theme options on the list is Hestia. This theme is very good to build modern sites with its optimized code feature. It is very suitable to build sites for any kind of business, corporates, startups, online agencies, freelancers, etc. The theme is well-adjustable and responsive with elementor. 

Some Potential Features of the Free Version of Hestia

  • It offers a very nice modern material design.
  • The theme is page-builder friendly and very easy to set up.
  • WooCommerce is nicely integrated with Hestia.

Some Potential Features of the Pro Version of Hestia

  • If you go for its premium version, you can get more pre-built starter designs.
  • It offers an option for a slider and video header.
  • If you want to get pricing and portfolio front page sections, then go for the premium range.

Active Installations of Hestia: 100,000+


If you want to create a highly accessible site for everyone, then the GeneratePress theme is for you. It easily lets you create a stable and secure site without much effort as it has high-coding standards. The theme is super lightweight to easily install on your system. The elementor team also recommends this theme. It is fully SEO optimized to lets your site rank higher and higher.

Some Potential Features of the Free Version of GeneratePress

  • You can easily control the layout of your website.
  • GeneratePress is secure, stable, and translation ready.
  • The theme is well-optimized for SEO to assist you to get more visitors.

Some Potential Features of the Pro Version of GeneratePress

  • You can get full access to its site library in the premium range.
  • The pro version allows you to get advanced typography options.
  • It provides advanced customization options and different modules. 

Active Installations of GeneratePress: 500,000+


As per the name, our next theme Customify is very good to do customization. With this theme, you can have full control of the header and footer builder. You can also make visual changes in the customizer. Customify is a good fit for blogs, portfolio sites, online magazine sites, or even e-commerce sites. With this, you can also hide sidebars on your site if you want. It is a super lightweight, user-friendly, and flexible theme. 

Some Potential Features of the Free Version of Customify

  • The theme is well-compatible with page builders and WooCommerce.
  • You can do multiple typography settings.
  • It is super flexible and mobile-responsive. 

Some Potential Features of the Pro Version of Customify

  • You can get the feature of a sticky header, multiple headers, and a transparent header.
  • You can use the feature of advanced header and footer builder.
  • You can take the advantage of the blog pro module. 

Active Installations of Customify: 50,000+

Page Builder Framework

Our next pick on the list is Page Builder Framework which is specially designed to work with page builders. It is a very great elementor theme to work on WordPress websites. This highly customizable theme is super to work with almost all the popular page builders. It is specially written by taking search engine optimization in mind. Page builder framework follows all the latest web trends. 

Some Potential Features of the Free Version of Page Builder Framework

  • This easily customizable theme has super fast speed.
  • It offers good integration with WooCommerce.
  • It also supports the Gutenberg editor.

Some Potential Features of the Pro Version of Page Builder Framework

  • You can use sticky navigation and white label settings.
  • You can easily use advanced typography and WooCommerce options.
  • If you want to use menu hover effects and menu variations, then go for its pro version. 

Active Installations of Page Builder Framework: 20,000+


Our last choice on the list of top elementor themes is Zakra which emphasizes on security and performance of the site. You can get a simple interface and good-looking templates. It offers over 10 free starter sites through which you can build professional-looking websites. You can easily use Zakra for personal, professional, or e-commerce website usage. 

Some Potential Features of the Free Version of Zakra

  • It is well compatible with WooCommerce and all other popular plugins like elementor.
  • The theme is super-friendly and lightweight.
  • It is translation-ready also. 

Some Potential Features of the Pro Version of Zakra

  • You can use advanced WooCommerce compatibility options.
  • You can easily incorporate advanced header and footer options.
  • Breadcrumbs layouts, styling options, etc. are some of its premium features. 

Active Installations of Zakra: 60,000+

Closing Part

Wrapping up this blog with this awesome list of free elementor themes for WordPress. All of them are available in free and pro versions. If you want some basic features, you can go for the free version. When it comes to building your own site without much effort and cost, such themes can take a lot of stress out of you. 

Combining the best elementor theme with the elementor plugin is a super combination to build an awesome site. You can choose the best theme as per your requirements as the basic features are given with each. 

Hopefully, you have made up your mind to choose the best one for you. But, still, if you have questions in mind, feel free to connect with us. We will serve you happily!

Hope you had a good read!

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