Hands-On Website Design Projects to Build Student Portfolios

Hands-On Website Design Projects to Build Student Portfolios

Mark Runyon
July 9, 2024

Creating the best portfolio highlighting your web design skills is the first step towards becoming a professional web designer. In this article, we’ll explore hands-on website design projects that are useful to learn and significant to a professional-looking portfolio. The projects described are for people hoping to secure employment or commissions to become a web designer in this competitive field. Your portfolio could make a difference between the obstacle of “No” and an encouraging “Yes.”

Personal Branding Website

Creating your website is one of the first big projects you’ll tackle as a web design student. Your self-branded site must embody your personality and skills and serve as your portfolio. So, you begin by defining your brand through the colors, the fonts, and the general visual aesthetic. Test your technical mettle with your first self-coded site, and check if the result is responsive.

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Non-Profit Organization Redesign

A website redesign for a charitable cause is a remarkable experience for personal growth and professional development. Here are what should be your primary points of interest if you are about to do a website redesign for your favorite non-profit:

  1. Develop the design of the organization's aims and vision and ensure that every image articulates the company's core values.
  2. Find an intuitive structure for users regarding its navigation, and make things as easy as possible for everyone involved. 
  3. Optimize the site for engagement, incorporating elements encouraging visitor interaction and participation.
  4. Improve the web accessibility of your website by ensuring that your website compliance adheres to web accessibility standards. 

In addition to helping out with some good work, you will add to your portfolio and showcase your ability to handle a broad range of design briefs and clients.

E-commerce Store

It is a great e-commerce store project and a good demonstration of designing for conversions. Visitors should be able to find and choose products that fit their needs quickly, proceed through a simple payment system, and go through the whole journey quickly. Conversions should go up. You can make this project successful if you prioritize product showcases, adjustable layouts, checkout forms, number of cart items, and payment flows. There should also be a significant amount of trust in your shop, so navigate the person through the security questions, SSL certificates, and payment gateway integration.

Blog Design

A blog is more than just an internet website that contains short articles written by one person. It is a matter of aesthetics, user experience, and content strategy. You must have your niche, like tech, fashion, food, literature, etc. This blog design project will allow you to try out the layout and formatting of content, including multimedia such as video presentations, audio introductions, and even image galleries. SEO also plays a critical role. You should showcase your skills by optimizing the SEO for the posts, inserting appropriate meta tags, and designing the blog to be mobile responsive.

Dynamic Portfolio Conclusion

Remember, this portfolio-in-progress is a project in itself. Construct a work-in-progress section on your brand site and link it to your portfolio site. As you complete a finished project, enter it into your portfolio and include a case study of the design process and why you chose it. It makes your site a vibrant reflection of your work, allowing employers a sense of your design process.

Turn Projects into Portfolios

Completing such small-scale website design projects can result in a portfolio that demonstrates the graduate's technical and creative abilities, strategic thinking, and problem-solving. It’s one small step at a time until the graduate is a professional web designer capable of tackling the challenges of the professional world.

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