Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Website and Blog Case Study for Verka, Punjab, India

Verka is a trusted flagship brand of MILKFED established in 1973. It is mandated for milk procurement and quality processing of milk. It produces high-quality dairy products and innovates new products. It is a trusted brand among Indian households and is loved by its customers for nutrition, quality, and sheer indulgence.

As much as it flourished in the hearts of Indian and their households, Verka was not a success in the digital world. Being a massive milk plant, there was a lot about Verka that the consumers did not know and ha...

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Social Media Marketing (SMM) Case Study for, Iceland is a fully licensed travel agency in Iceland as well as tour operators authorized by the Icelandic Tourist Board. They carry over 40 years of experience and specialize in incoming tourism. Besides providing a variety of activities, tours and adventures, they also offer special custom-made tours.

One would think that a beautiful place like Iceland wouldn’t need much marketing, but the truth is, there is a lot about Iceland that people on the online space don’t know. There are several different kinds of tours, hikes and...

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Social Media Marketing (SMM) Case Study for Heritage Transport Museum, Gurgaon, India

Heritage Transport Museum is a non-profit organization in Gurgaon, India. It was conceived to document, exhibit, educate and disseminate information about transportation in India. It started off as a passion for collecting all forms of objects related to transport and eventually turned into India's first comprehensive transport museum. The museum showcases the evolution of transportation in India and sets a benchmark in interpretation, exhibition and in communication. Although this museum is one of its kinds in India, it lacked populari...

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Website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM) Case Study for Luxury Wedding Planner Marriageuana, Kolkata, India

Marriageuana is a luxurious wedding planner in Kolkata and is well known for the luxury theme and destination weddings. They have been in the wedding planning business since 2012. Needless to say, their work and planning were highly professional, but their online presence did not match the quality of work they delivered. It needed to be at par with their efficiency. Their website was not search engine optimized and came across as sporadic and unstructured. It lacked high-quality images, good speed, and responsiveness. Due to lack of ke...

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