Shaping the Future of Content Marketing in 2019

Content is king and will continue to rule for many years to come. However, designing and publishing more content is no longer equal to more web traffic. There are more than 440 million blogs in the world (not including the Tumbr which alone has 400 million of them). All these are directed at nearly 7.5 billion population of the world. Not stopping at this, the number of blogs is constantly on the rise so the need for creative content marketing ideas was never more pronounced as you have to create a compelling need for people to come to ...

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All You Need to Know About Visual Content Marketing

Like any other form of marketing, visual content marketing is on the rise. Visual content marketing is not only about amazing pictures in blog posts or colorful infographics but there is a lot more to it. It’s a powerful content marketing tool that incites the human mind to deliver information and tell the brand story in a more compelling way.

What is Visual Content Marketing?

Visual content marketing means marketing with pictures. It is done using images, videos, infographics and memes to deliver valuable and releva...

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4 Effective Content Marketing Tools you Must use

“Content marketing” has definitely become a buzzword in today’s digital era, when people are interacting more over the Internet than physically. Content marketing is one of the growing trends of digital marketing. With more and more brands and organizations publishing useful content on the Internet, content marketing can help you establish authority, credibility and your brand.

Why content marketing is important? Read this blog on the benefits of content marketing!

And if you are a blogger or a marketer t...

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Content Marketing Advantages you Can't Afford to Miss!

Why do content marketing for any business? Publishing and promoting content can have a great impact on your business. But why does one do it? Because content is the fuel that drives a buyer’s journey to the final purchase. The content you publish has the ability to convert a lead to a customer.

According to statistics in 2018, content marketing is witnessing a tremendous increase as more and more businesses are leveraging its potential. Are you aware of the content trends of 2018? Content marketing is not new, but it has ev...

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