Steps to Create a Powerful Blog

People from different backgrounds and with different dreams have got down to blogging to take their businesses to a new level. As a result, the webspace has been stuffed with new blogs. Despite the huge growth in numbers, these wonderful pieces of information have been found to possess superpowers as they can help you bag lasting relationships with your target audience. It is no longer experience or age of your business which will help you win the hearts of people but the sheer strength of your ideas, and the ability to take risks, etc....

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How Storytelling in Content Writing can work Wonders for your Business

Since ages storytelling has been the voice of people used for conveying ideas, thoughts, and emotions. Imagine yourself narrating an incident to someone with just facts, free from any grilling emotion to glue human attention. It will be regarded as a dull piece of information which failed to arouse the interests of the audience.

The same piece of facts when wrapped in some drastic events and emotion resonate better with people. Storytelling in content marketing is an art which comes with a lot of practice and requires skill, crea...

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5 Most Effective Tips for Writing Mobile-Friendly Content

There is no doubt about the fact that a significant part of digital content is being viewed on mobile devices. The number of mobile readers has already outgrown the number of desktop-specific readers. No longer is responsive web design sufficient to cater to the needs of the mobile reading pattern, even if it may smoothly pass Google’s mobile-friendly test. You need to think deeper and work around all the aspects like text, videos, images, etc. which impact the user experience. Hence, mobile-friendly content will be truly appealin...

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Shaping the Future of Content Marketing in 2019

Content is king and will continue to rule for many years to come. However, designing and publishing more content is no longer equal to more web traffic. There are more than 440 million blogs in the world (not including the Tumbr which alone has 400 million of them). All these are directed at nearly 7.5 billion population of the world. Not stopping at this, the number of blogs is constantly on the rise so the need for creative content marketing ideas was never more pronounced as you have to create a compelling need for people to come to ...

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