Remarketing on Google: What is it?

It is a common occurrence that a majority of the people who visit a particular website bounce back in seconds. In fact, statistics have shown that only less than a percent of people who visit your website actually result in making a transaction. If you think it is hard to get people to your website for the first time, it is harder the next time as they already know what they will be served with largely. But the best part of the story is that it is not impossible and there are ways to get back your lost traffic.

What is Remarketing?


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Digital Marketing Trends Set to be Phased Out

2019 will be defined by highly versatile and bold digital marketing trends which will seek to change the whole dynamics of the game. There is no doubt on the fact that the future digital marketing trends will be different from the ones which have been followed for a long time. While some might travel to the future but most of them are bound to die.The latter is primarily due to the fact that the world of digital marketing is constantly evolving. Although it has maintained its a customer-centric approach, it is now much more detailed, th...

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Digital Marketing Tactics and Techniques

Over the last three decades, digital marketing has been flourishing exponentially, helping many brands and businesses to stay ahead of the competition online. All you need is an effective digital marketing strategy to ensure growth online in the long term.

It is not easy though. As a marketer, every now and then you have to experiment with and implement new strategies of digital marketing. There are various digital marketing techniques and sometimes it can be perplexing to decide which one to prioritize.

No worries! We got...

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Learn Digital Marketing with RADA

There’s no denying the fact that the Digital revolution today has changed the face of the marketing altogether. It is helping millions of businesses around the world achieve greater heights of success in their industries. With the help of social media, online paid advertising, content marketing and digital tools, businesses are changing the way they market themselves online.

Do you ever find yourself wondering what the Digital Marketing domain is all about? Do you know what it really means to explore and work in the field o...

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