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Growing significance of Hyperlocal Marketing Strategies

When you catch your customers right where they are, and in their neighborhoods, it is known as hyperlocal marketing!

How often do you make “nearby” searches?

Every time you make one, Google brings you the most relevant results showing not only the locations but also the reviews and ratings. Whenever you search to go to the nearby salon or lookup for the nearest bookstore, you conduct a hyperlocal search.

Often the businesses target people in the highly specific and limited geographical area for showing...

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Role of AI in Digital Marketing

AI has bagged the limelight in this digitally-loaded world. So, marketing could not be left out for long. AI empowers the technologies to actually adorn the humane-like thinking cap. We all are now well-acquainted with the digital assistants, including chatbots. They are all the off-shoots of Artificial Intelligence. The whole idea of AI in digital marketing is focused to deliver more personalized and tailor-made solutions to customers addressing the key sore spot.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Artificial Intel...

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Benefits of having an In House Marketing Team

Marketing needs a constant push to be successful. A piecemeal approach is not the way forward. Businesses around the world are moving towards in-house marketing. Almost 91% of European marketing decision-makers have moved a part of their marketing in-house. However, a sound majority of marketers still believe it is a passing trend. Let us try to uncover the truth and see is there is more to the numbers than what meets the eye!

Digging out the Most Striking Benefits of In-House Marketing Rise of Significance of Data

Data has becom...

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2020 Digital Marketing Trends

We have just stepped into a new decade and there has been a great buzz about what is going to be in and what is headed for a way out in the realm of digital marketing. This decade unlike no other in modern history has the potential to bring seismic changes to the way businesses will tread forward. What might seem like a dream today, will soon be a reality and we are not talking about 10 years from now but very near in the future.

The impact that will be largely led by technological disruptions will be seen in all business endeavo...

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