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Ideas for your Next Influencer Marketing Campaign!

Social media has made deep inroads into our lives. We constantly see opinions made, shared, tweeted, challenged, etc. the threads keep making rounds. While most people see it as a medium for networking and rewinding themselves, or keeping themselves updated, others take things to a different level. They participate in things to make their voices heard. They gradually start making sense to some group of people and amass a substantial following. This they nurture with care. They ultimately become highly popular among their followers that ...

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How Inbound Marketing is Changing the Marketing Canvas?

This is a world of data abundance. In a recent survey carried out by IBM, it has been stated that the world generates around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every single day. Not only that there is a growing paucity of attention spans of the buyers. So much so that you only have a few seconds to make the deal and grab the attention of your visitor. So whatever you have to say or sell, the pitch has to correctly put across in a matter of seconds.

Simply put, it has made the buyers much more empowered than before. This information ov...

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5 Lessons Every Digital Marketer Has to Learn from Neil Patel's Career

There are no shortcuts to success, and you’re ok with that. You’re not scared of the hard work that you need to put in to grow your business, but you could do with some guidance and inspiration to reassure you that you’re on the right track.

One of the best places to look for that guidance and inspiration is Neil Patel.

Neil isn’t ashamed to share the ups and downs of his own career, revealing the growth hacks that worked to bring hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors to his marketing blog, myri...

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Remarketing on Google: What is it?

It is a common occurrence that a majority of the people who visit a particular website bounce back in seconds. In fact, statistics have shown that only less than a percent of people who visit your website actually result in making a transaction. If you think it is hard to get people to your website for the first time, it is harder the next time as they already know what they will be served with largely. But the best part of the story is that it is not impossible and there are ways to get back your lost traffic.

What is Remarketing?


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