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6 Fantastic Ways to Manage E-mail Lists!

Email marketing is also considered a type of marketing, though the results may be different from what a business typically gets from social media marketing. Managing email lists that are large can be a cumbersome task if not managed well. Hence it is important to deal with it in as efficient a manner in order to improve your delivery as well as make viewing email marketing stats easy.

Some of these tips can guide you on how to manage email lists efficiently:

Whom to target

While making an email list, it is important that y...

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Effective Email Marketing Tips!

Email Marketing can help you connect with the right people to achieve your business goals. These days, when most people spend a huge amount of time on screen, the best way to interact with them is through emails. When you use email marketing for promoting your small business, you get a chance to interact with new people, create trust, and establish faith in your brand. The process for effective email marketing is as follows:

Manage an Email Contacts Database

For every email marketing campaign, firstly we need a database of email ...

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Email Marketing Myths

The world is addicted to inboxes if statistics are to be believed. Email marketing is not dead and will never be in the near future. Though the marketing gurus may have you believe the opposite, a study done by McKinsey suggests that email marketing is 40 times more effective than combined marketing on Facebook and Twitter. It is one of the ways of marketing your business to a select audience and a means of opening a dialogue and communicating with them. One of the main benefits of email marketing is that it is so easy to plan, quick to...

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