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Can Big Data Database Replace Data Warehouse?

Big Data is a special kind of database that differs from the regular database. The standard databases are effective for the storing and processing of structured data. It uses tables to store data and SQL or Structured Query Language for accessing and retrieving the data. Big Data includes semi-structured and unstructured data. There are special kinds of databases called NoSQL databases along with tools that store as well as process Big Data. Data analytics is being used for deploying Big Data like logos, text, images, and other formats...

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Common Project Management Mistakes Businesses Make

Project management is not an exact science and often requires a knack for adaptability and agility, as well as an intimate knowledge of your business and processes to ensure the best possible outcome of planned projects. It also requires plenty of planning before any project is undertaken. There is no cookie-cutter for project management, but there are some mistakes project teams make that can be avoided if you know what to look out for. Let’s have a look at some of these common project management mistakes and what we can potentially d...

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3 Reasons Why Your Online Marketing Efforts Aren't Working

Even if it’s one of the most accessible marketing methods out there, online marketing still remains a science. And while virtually anyone can start a campaign on Adwords or Facebook for a few dollars, only a handful end up getting substantial and consistent results.

However, in many cases, it all boils down to a few mistakes that could be easily avoided. In other cases, it might be because you’re using outdated methods and tactics. Let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons why your marketing efforts aren&rsqu...

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Online Marketing Made Simple: A Step-By-Step Guide

If you want to attract the attention of your audience and promote your business, you should definitely rely on digital marketing. It is not only more affordable than conventional advertising but it also reaches broader audiences and yields better results.

With digital marketing, you can target very specific audiences, interact with them, and build long-term relationships. In addition, with the help of web analytics, you can determine your marketing campaigns’ success and take effective actions that will help you increase yo...

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