Why Brands are Using Micro Influencers to Promote their Products

Microinfluencer Marketing is a rising trend in the digital marketing space. Over the last few years, it has carved out a special place for itself in the minds of marketers and brands at large. There is a huge amount of significance associated with the right endorsements for brands. The big brands find it easy to sign up famous personalities or celebs to promote their products but it is the small ones which are compelled to be more creative and find micro-influencers to carry their message to the right audience. Studies have also proven ...

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Marketing Strategies to Boom in 2019

Internet marketing is all set to undergo a tremendous change in 2019. It will completely change the way the businesses have been handling their marketing strategy and technique. The technological onslaught has redefined the whole marketing ecosystem. The expectations of customers have also changed as everyone not only wants the best product at the most competitive price but are not even ready to wait. There is no room for lags as there are many options available. 2019 will be a signature year in terms of marketing as businesses will hav...

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6 Effective Sales and Marketing Tips

Sales and marketing are the backbone of a business. It is the driving force that is responsible for generating revenue.

So is your marketing and sales on track? If yes, then you’ve probably got all your protocols and plans in place. If not, this blog on sales and marketing tactics will give you a starting point and guide you on how to go about it.

The sales and revenue generated by your company or organization can be improved by implementing well thought out sales and marketing strategies. Put simply, you should be a...

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5 Reasons why Agencies Lose Clients

An agency is a business or an organization that specializes in offering certain services to their clients i.e. other businesses/organizations.

From an agency's perspective, the first thing that pops up is “how to get clients?” Some of the tried and tested ways are - promoting your business online, asking your friends and family to share information about your agency in their network or using paid methods to advertise your business.

Understanding the problems faced by your clients and how you can help overcome t...

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