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Most Promising Keyword Strategies in 2020

Internet is becoming crowded and every niche getting increasingly stuffed due to a rapid influx of new websites. Businesses are trying hard to get noticed. Most efforts in the marketing rooms nowadays are directed towards gaining visibility and be able to show their offerings to the audience who are actively looking for products in your niche.

It becomes essential to work out your buyer journey as that will clearly enumerate the priorities of your visitors at different stages of their online excursion. Being a marketer getting a ...

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The 5 Biggest Seo Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

SEO is a vital strategy. Why?

93% of online experiences begin from search engines! Yes, that’s true. Everything on the internet begins with a search and every search has a keyword. This is all connected. And who do you think has the largest market share in terms of the search engine?

Yes, that’s Google! And the share is also more than 90% of the whole search engine pie. This means a majority of people prefer Google to make searches. Now, do you imagine the extent of your visibility if you happen to figure on th...

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Why you need a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

500 million users! 61 million Influencers! 40 million decision-makers!

Not very Huge? Isn’t it?

Let us now look at these numbers like this. These are those users who actually mean business. They are not there for social networking. High-level executives of organizations, entrepreneurs, CEOs, media experts, business tycoons, best business analysts, etc. You name it and have them there.

Do you think you can afford to lose out on such an exclusive audience?

Of course not! Now we are talking about business....

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Blockchain: A Look into the Future of Businesses

The constant input of technologies has given rise to a need for businesses to continuously reconfigure their base settings. Although trusted, but sticking to outmoded business models is no longer seen as a futuristic approach. Change is no longer a luxury but a brutal truth that cannot be brushed under the rug. The way forward in this age of technological disruptions lies through them and not around them.

Blockchain is seen as a major breakthrough that made the businesses ponder over the sustainability of their business models. ...

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