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Search Engine Optimization for Small Businesses: Tips and Tricks

Online search marketing has gained popularity over the years and from being a novelty some years ago, is now a standard feature in our daily lives. Almost every business these days, however big or small has some kind of web presence and all of them are competing for top positions in search engine results pages. Larger companies and corporations have plenty of inbound links, several years of content and a dedicated stream of visitors, so it is no surprise when they manage to hog the top positions in search engine results.

Small bu...

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7 SEO Secrets for Small Business Websites you Must Know!

Running a small business is no easy feat as resources, staff and time is limited for marketing. Several businesses, hence, just focus on the running of the business instead of giving too much relevance to promotion. However, having a small business does not mean that you need to have a small online presence too. A website, while being low cost, can help promote your business through online marketing. To make an impact in the industry, you need to utilize SEO marketing. SEO or search engine optimization helps drive traffic to your site b...

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8 Steps to Improve Google Ranking & SEO of Your Website!

How can one improve a website rank on Google? Are there any quick and easy solutions to get to the top of Google? No. There are no tricks to move to the top; it requires both time, commitment and a planned strategy to outrank your competitors and reach the top of search engine rankings for your targeted keywords.

Every website wants to rank on first. Why? Being at the top makes it easy to reach your targeted customers and websites. Moreover, top search results get most of the traffic that directly translates into more clicks and ...

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8 Steps to Follow for Thorough Keyword Research!

Keywords are the foundation on which content is created and it becomes necessary to choose keywords wisely, keeping in mind factors like keyword search volume, KEI, and keyword relevancy to the content. Keyword research is an important component of the search engine optimization process. Using appropriate and relevant keywords helps search engines and visitors find your content easily, driving traffic to your website. This makes your website rank higher and proves beneficial for your business. Keyword research and analysis involves an ...

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