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5 Tips on how to Make a Website Look Professional

A business website is the representation of a brand. Not every online visitor is your customer. So, you need to be a problem solver for your niche specific audience. Remember, these visitors may or may not revisit your business website, depending on the kind of experience they have the first time.

But the question remains ‘how can you grab your user’s attention?’ There are some ground rules you need to abide by, to design the best-looking website ever.

There are multiple factors ranging from content to fo...

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8 Reasons Why Startups Fail

Startups are revolutionizing the world of marketing! Every other day we hear about a budding startup! However, if the statistics are to be believed, half of the startups die out before completing a good tenure.

Few of them do succeed, however, the common notion that floats everywhere is that startups do fail. It is time for startups to follow some mantras to succeed.

Have you ever wondered why startups fail? Very often, startups come across challenges to get their product or service out there and market it to the right peo...

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9 Tips for Best B2B Landing Pages

Are you satisfied with your business’s landing page? Is the current landing page getting you enough conversions? Want to improve the conversion rate for your business? Well, you have landed on an appropriate blog, where we are going to discuss some tips on how to make a landing page that converts.

The landing page is the key page of a business website, which draws in the traffic and also witnesses the conversion rate. It is the landing page that drives the sales via the marketing funnel. There are some guidelines to be foll...

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Top Challenges for Small Businesses-Part 2

If you have already read “Top Challenges for Small Businesses- Part 1”, you’d know that we discussed a few challenges a small business faces. The basic difference between a small business and a large enterprise lies in the functioning of the business & the challenges they face.

Here are the problems encountered by small business owners:

Finding a sponsor

Getting a sponsor who can promote your business is always a task for SMEs. Due to budget constraint, small businesses are unable to get sponsors.


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