Does your Website Pass this Usability Test?

It is a common occurrence when you chance upon highly informational websites which offer great insights about the business and its product but is difficult to navigate. The site was definitely built keeping just the business in mind without giving much thought about the user experience. As a result, the rich mine of information offered by it is unable to get any real-time engagement by the audience. The lack of attention to various functional aspects like speed and flow has completely robbed the user experience. Thus it is vital to go t...

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How to find Investors for your Business

Own a business? Then you might know how important funding for a business is, whether it’s internal or external. It is one of the aspects that make a business successful.

In a situation when a business runs out of cash is when they need external funding or investment. And that is why business owners seek investors to back up their business idea. Especially businesses like SMEs (small and medium enterprises) who rely heavily on the investment from the investors. So, how can you find investors for your startup?

This blo...

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Best 5 Website Builder for Businesses you Should know

website builder for business

Are you a musician? An artist? A photographer? Or are you an entrepreneur setting up a business? No matter what you do, a website builder can come to your rescue! It is a marketing tool that has the ability to shape your business and success. But there are hundreds of website builders out there. How do you know which one is right for you?

Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of websites builders out of which you can select which one is most suited to your business.

Here are 5 of the best business website builders Si...

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5 Tips for Branding your Small Business

Several brands, both national and multinational, have created a very competitive market that has led to the demand of branding for small businesses. Branding is “what your customers perceive of you” right from your product, image, reputation, design and the way you talk about your products or services.

Why is there a need to create a brand for small businesses?

Unlike big brands that are already established, small businesses need branding services to establish themselves in the market. Branding also helps in po...

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