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What NOT to do on Social Media for Businesses

There has been a lot of talk about what an ideal social media strategy should look like. So many experts give their invaluable views on the topic, so many blogs, talking about how to put your best foot forward. A lot of buzz, seriously!

This time, here, we are not pecking on any of those social media marketing tips. We want to take you through a little less explored view of the same. We will be discussing the primary pitfalls that most businesses make despite having the most revered teams in place. We, as a digital marketing firm...

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Rules to Use Social Media Logos on Web

If one were to observe a little, you would notice that no website on the web is devoid of a Social Media logo. Most of the websites use these logos to guide the traffic to their social media profile pages. While designing your website it is important to check from where you are getting those social media logos. Most of the people search from Google images, however, the Google images may show different types of logos. The big question is, which one to use? We must know that it is important to follow the guide...

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3 Ways to Promote your Blog on Social Media

Writing may be your passion and you may write really well. Not only that you are also highly committed and never miss a date with your blog. How good is that if you are the only one reading it?

It is all business. You produce to sell. And, if what you produce does not have any takers, then no matter how good it is, ultimately it will not be sustainable. You have to have some buyers. In blogs, your audience is your real buyers.

So, technically if you do have any visitors on your blog, then it is serious and it is the time t...

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What is Social Media Engagement and why is it Important?

Online has become another world, a new planet. It has transformed our lives and changed everything around us. It has become a new address for everyone alike, a new underlying similarity that has connected people from all over the world and brought them closer. There is a lot of activity, a lot of buzz. And, the best part is that this expanse is growing. It knows no end. People often forget to catch up with their families sitting at home, but do not forget to check the latest feed on their profiles. Such great is the pull that it seems l...

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