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Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence

Technology is an essential part of the development and growth of humans. Artificial intelligence is one such technology that is gaining momentum and hype. With technology becoming a part of our everyday lives, AI has become a topic of debates and discussions where technocrats consider it as a blessing and for some, it is a disaster. Having said that, we are still unsure about the future of artificial intelligence. Is artificial intelligence a threat or a blessing?

Take out few minutes to analyze and see how dependent you are on A...

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All About Machine Learning

As we race ahead into the Digital future, we must know about the driving technologies behind it. The rise and the excitement of technologies are not coming to an end anytime soon. So as a business owner or marketer, it’s important to stay updated about all the technologies that can benefit a business. That brings us to exploring machine learning, advantages of machine learning and how we can use it.

While the concept of machine learning has been around for a time, there is still a lack of awareness of what machine learning ...

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Impact of Digital Technologies on Marketing Strategies

Technology is a word that was first coined in 1829. But does it mean the same thing today i.e in 2018? Probably not!

We live in an era of technology. Take a close look at your own lifestyle. Technology is the reason you’re reading this blog. Technology is what helps us start and end our days. Whether it’s your smartphone or your automatic car, technology has seeped through our lives. Technology has enabled millions of inventions that have had a great impact on improving our lives and making us more efficient.


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All about Cloud Computing

We’re sure you’ve heard of cloud computing, but do you know how cloud computing works? How is cloud computing influencing the IT and other industries? You're probably using cloud computing right now, without even realizing it! From data storage to communicating with colleagues and friends, all devices use cloud computing.

As the statistics reveal, the revenue from the cloud computing sector is expected to cross $411 billion by 2020. This figure is a great indicator of the growth of cloud computing.

In this blog...

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