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All About Blockchain Technology

all about blockchain

Technologies are evolving at a rapid speed and the hype about the blockchain technology indicates that it is one of the trending technologies that show a lot of promise. But getting your head around the underlying concept isn’t easy and can get overwhelming.

So, if you’re among those wondering about what exactly is blockchain, don’t worry, this blog is an easy guide on blockchain technology for beginners.

Many people think that the technology is newly invented. But the fact is that it was first sketched ...

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5 Real Time Applications of Machine Learning

We’re sure you’ve heard about machine learning, but do you know what machine learning really is? Check out this blog to know all about machine learning.

Machine learning provides systems with an ability to automatically learn and provide solutions or answers from experiences. This gives your computers the ability to take decisions independently, with the help of data fed to the system.

The ML model is unlike any traditional software where a human developer incorporates a written code that performs the next ac...

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6 Real Time Applications of Artificial Intelligence

In the recent past, one of the technologies that has been gaining momentum is artificial intelligence aka AI. When customers were surveyed about the next big thing that is trending, 26% said artificial intelligence.

Can you predict how artificial intelligence will change the future? With increasing human dependency on smart machines, the day is not far when these machines will outnumber humans. AI is driving us to a future where humans will be dependent on technology for every task. According to research, by 2020, at least 30% of...

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All About Robots

We are currently living in the digital era. But what we'll be witnessing in the near future will be the robotic era. With the advancement in technology, the day is not far when you will have a robot to complete all your tasks. With technologies such as artificial intelligence rising in assistance applications such as Alexa or Siri, we’re already passing on our tasks to our personal assistants.

The first digital robot “Unimate” was created in 1954. Robots have been a part of society since long. The only differenc...

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