4 Futuristic Gadgets that will blow your mind

Can you imagine a robot saying “Welcome to the world of gadgets!” This would have sounded insane in the past, but it is the reality of today.

A gadget is a device or a tool designed for a specific purpose. It is built to give efficient results in a minimum amount of time.

The future of gadgets and technology is co-dependent with the development in technology.

The prediction of scientists and researchers that machines will replace humans is turning to be a reality. We are the ones who are witnessing this...

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Major Pros and Cons of Technology

The growth of technology is one of the most debatable topics. Some scientists refer to it as a disaster while some refer to it as a blessing. No doubt that we live in the age of technology where it has become an important part of our life but it can sometimes act as a hindrance too if dependency continues to increase. Before we jump to any conclusion, let’s weigh the pros and cons of technology.

Here are the pros and cons of technology Pros Improves efficiency for Business

The best advantage of any technology is that it inc...

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What are the next big Things in Technology?

Over the years we have witnessed several technological advancements changing life for the better. Most of the things that were not possible in the past seem to be turning into reality now.

As you see our smartphones, smart-everything taking over, we’re sure you wonder about the next big thing in technology. In this blog, we’re going to try and cover some of the emerging technologies that will change the world (and are already changing the world). The technologies that we’ll be discussing have not grown in a year...

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4 Innovations that will Change the World

It is rightly said that science, technology and growth are closely related to each other. If you look three decades back, the technology space has grown immensely. This has affected the way we live, work and interact either directly or indirectly. Numerous technologies are being introduced with each passing year.

So are you aware of the latest technological innovations in the world? If not, then you have come to the right place. Check out our list of exciting new inventions that will change the world and are expected to become ma...

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