Online Business Automation: Tips and Tools!

Automation has become vital to the growth of businesses as it has added efficiency to all the aspects which form the lifeline of a business. The year 2019 will be defined by how well and how fast are you able to engage your audience, keeping them glued to your business. Online automation tools help you save time and energy, especially in mundane and repetitive processes that take a heavy toll of both. Technology offers many options which will help you automate and make your workday more productive. Business automation tools have thus be...

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Learning Google Adwords Basics in 7 Steps

Marketers usually grumble when they are unable to track and measure campaigns and the results associated. But with Google Adwords, measuring every single aspect of the marketing campaign is possible. It is a paid service to spread the word about your business on search engines.

Not sure how to use Google AdWords for your online business? Here is a step by step Google Adwords guide for beginners.

Set up Account

Setting up a Google AdWords account is easy. As a visitor, you will be provided with the instructions on the web p...

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How to Rank your Website on Google First Page

Getting your website to the top of Google is no magic! It may seem like a daunting task but not impossible. All it takes is planning, strategizing and implementing.

According to research, the top 4 links visible for any query have the highest click-through rate, followed by the others. And if at all your website does not rank on the first SERP, then you have got something to worry about. Because the ranking of a website reflects a lot about the business and its online reputation and therefore, having a presence on Google's 2nd p...

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4 Steps for Learning Google Analytics

If you own a website, then we’re sure you might have used Google Analytics at some point. To know what works well for your business website and what doesn’t, Google Analytics is the most suitable tool to measure these aspects of your business.

Confused about Google Analytics? Here is the best user guide that explains the basics of Google Analytics. Do you know the best thing about Google Analytics? it’s absolutely free! Additionally, Google has great customer support and service along with detailed content in ca...

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