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Ways to Reduce Internet Carbon Footprint

In such telling times, when the whole human race has been brought down to knees by the onslaught of nature, the need to study the internet carbon footprint on the planet becomes even more compelling.

COVID-19 has forced the governments to implement countrywide lock-downs and businesses are being asked to continue their operations remotely. A large chunk of the world population is sitting at home to help curb the spread of the deadly virus, trying to stay productive during Coronavirus. One trend that has picked up amongst all is ...

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Tips to Stay Productive During Pandemic COVID-19

The outbreak of the dreaded coronavirus has fractured many verticals of operation. The rate at which this virus spreads has made countries take decisions of curfew and lockdown. The total number of recorded cases, as tracked by Worldometers, has surpassed 2,70,000 as of 20th March 2020. The pandemic has already taken 11,000 + lives and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Multinational companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Chevron, etc., have taken prompt decisions for their employees. From the United Kingdom to the United St...

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Effective Ways to Gain Customer Loyalty

Do you know the people who can do the best in class branding for you, are not the ones you have on your payrolls?

Strange as it may sound, the fact remains that your most loyal customers are the best brand advocates you can get. Every business that has tasted success, knows the noteworthiness of customer loyalty. Your customers who have brought your products and are happy with you are the ones who will become your best salespeople. So, if you have still not looked into this valuable resource, then it is time you rethink your stra...

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How to Transform Your Work Amidst The Corona Outbreak

Covid-19, now a worldwide pandemic as declared by WHO (World Health Organization), has severely affected the functioning of various verticals. A virus in its molecular sense, the fatal disease of Covid-19 has already taken 10,000 + lives, as tracked by Worldometers.

The fatality rate of the dreaded disease stands at 1.4% as of 16th March 2020, notifies StatsNews. However, it’s the rate at which it spreads that’s causing all the trouble. Nations like Italy have reported more than 3,000 cases in a single day.


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