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Unique Business Names: How to come up with Company Name Ideas

When you are planning your startup, apart from many other considerations, that demand a deeper insight, one that should take precedence is your business name. Your business name will form your identity and is the first point of contact with your visitors. Not only that, if it is thoughtful and interesting, chances are bright that it will be remembered.

Your business name has a significant impact on how your brand will be placed in the minds of your customers. It makes a lot of sense to invest your time in working out unique busin...

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The Growing Significance of a Data Analyst in Organizations

Do you know that there can be no better time than now to be a data analyst?

Harvard Business Review has named it the most progressive career choice of the 21st century. Not only that, the claim is resonated by many leading web portals like LinkedIn and Glassdoor. No wonder it has sky-rocked in popularity among the young professionals who aim to have a career in the technical line.

The demand for data analysts has shot up by 344% every since 2013 which is a feat in itself, something that cannot be easily replicated. The bes...

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Importance of Teamwork in an Organization

The world is witnessing constant disruptions in technologies and every day something new hits the market. The pace of this change also calls for an enhanced need for effective work. So, even you are a master of multiple trades will not serve the purpose unless you work as part of the whole setup. There is an increased need to have teams that are well-equipped with all the necessary skills that are needed to give shape to the most revolutionary products and also bring about the necessary increments in the products. The importance of team...

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Smart Time Management Techniques You Should be Using

Each one of us has only 24 hours in a day. Nobody can deny that. So, think of it as your playground, as your space or your currency. It is all you have, in a day and this cannot stretch. Now, the best part of the whole show is that it is the same for everyone. But the real fight is that you have cut it different from the rest.

There comes in the need to manage that currency. This has to be done in a way that you feel a difference. Think of investments you make. Will you ever invest in something that is failing or showing no progr...

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