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5 Tips on how to Make a Website Look Professional

A business website is the representation of a brand. Not every online visitor is your customer. So, you need to be a problem solver for your niche specific audience. Remember, these visitors may or may not revisit your business website, depending on the kind of experience they have the first time.

But the question remains ‘how can you grab your user’s attention?’ There are some ground rules you need to abide by, to design the best-looking website ever.

There are multiple factors ranging from content to fo...

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10 Website Design Tips for Small Business Websites

Your website is perhaps one of the most important constituents of your small business. The impact your small business website has on potential clients could either be to lure them or turn them away for good. Most business owners are not clear about what contributes to a successful small business website. Research data proves that a majority of consumers turn to the internet when seeking information about local business. Hence it is imperative for you to have an online presence.

Sometimes designing a website can seem like a daunti...

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Website Design Do's and Don'ts!

The dynamics of website designing are constantly evolving phenomena. Each year there are old and outdated trends which give way to the new ones. Web designers need to consistently keep themselves updated with website design trends so as to offer the best to their clients.

Listed below are certain website design mistakes to be avoided for better user-experience:

Distracting backgrounds

The design & background of a website should be kept minimalistic and simple especially if the objective is to provide information. Comp...

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Terrible Design Mistakes That Adversely Affect Your Website SEO

The first thought that comes to mind at the mention of the word ‘artist’ is uninhibited, free, and boundless. Why? That is the image which has been crafted by their profession. It is only through the liberty of working without boundaries can artists explore their vast creative capabilities. Similar is the case with website designs. When you hand over your website to a web designer to craft it into something eye-catching and interesting, you do not want him to limit his potential.However, that is where the problem begins. Eve...

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