Why your Website need a Responsive Web Design Checker

Webspace is growing by the day. Many latest reports have recorded a total of over 4 million active web users. We cannot deny the fact that the world is increasingly shifting online. And a huge rise in this is due to the humongous growth seen in mobile platforms.

Yes, mobile alone accounts for nearly 49% of the total web page views. This is big and growing. Mobile phones, as we have seen them evolve from the keyed versions to the ones only with screens.

The entry of smartphones into the scene has changed the whole dynamics ...

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Changes to Make a Website Mobile Friendly

The Internet has become integral to our lives. It is said that every second person on this planet is online and has an internet account and this number is growing. Something that was unthinkable two decades back, is yet again unthinkable but in different contexts. Then you could not imagine how can life be dependent on mobiles and now you can’t imagine life without them.

Mobile usage of the internet has grown astronomically over the years and there is definitely no bending of this trend anywhere in the future. The increasi...

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An Ultimate Guide to the Progressive Web Apps

If you have an interest in software, technology, web, and design it is possible that you might have come across the term Progressive Web App many times recently. Actually so much is happening around this word, that there is simply no escape from it as we progress into the last quarter of 2019. The term has witnessed a gradual and logic buildup amidst all the noise which has happened around it. Interesting it may seem that despite all that you may have also felt a difficulty around arriving at an apt definition.

Let us do it here....

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How to Generate the Perfect Brand Colour Palette

Every color has a meaning and triggers a special emotional response. This also holds true for brands that are able to reflect their persona by the choice of colors they have used in their branding. Think about how brands that have fair use of red as their primary color are often in the business of delivering fun and happiness, for instance, Coke, Hamleys, etc. Likewise, most brands associated with money or finance make use of blue, like SBI, Barclays, Bank of America, Citibank, etc. This isn’t and cannot be a mere coincidence that every o...

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