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10 Prominent Steps to Consider for Website Analysis!

Every website is different and it’s hard to analyze it just by glancing at it. Therefore, the very first thing to do when you start working on a search engine optimization project is website analysis.

Website analysis is a comprehensive review of a website, its URL structure, hyperlinking, content, the keywords used etc. A review of the code, images, and title tags will give you an insight into how lean and efficient your website design is.

Refer to these effective ways to analyze your website -

  1. Check both internal and external broken links. The number of broken links is directly proportional to the quality of the website.

  2. Check back links or inbound links to your website. The more number of back links your website has, the better it is for your business.

  3. Website load speed and page load speed is vital from a user’s perspective. If your website takes too long to load, it will annoy your visitor. Consider using optimized and lighter images since this will improve your website speed.

  4. Monitor the traffic on your website through Google analytics. This is a reflection of how your users rank your website/brand, who is coming to your site and which page is making them leave. This way you can work on those specific pages.

  5. Check the age of your website domain, its validity and expiry. Your domain should be working at all times.

  6. Check the search engine saturation, whether your website pages are indexed in the search engine or not.

  7. Check the mobile compatibility and responsiveness. Your website should be compatible and responsive on various devices which in turn makes your website more user friendly.

  8. Check your website for title tags, meta-keywords and meta description, as this helps in website optimization and will help your website rank higher on search engines.

  9. Keywords used on the webpages must have a high search volume and must be relevant to your content. Using content related keywords will pull in the right audience to your website. Using good keywords helps your website rank better.

  10. Ensure that your organization website is linked to all its social media platforms. This can bring more visitors to your social media platforms through your website.

    Follow these superb and easy steps to give your website an analytic check!
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