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10 Signs You Are Addicted To Social Media

Hardly anyone in this modern digital world has been spared from the powerful spread and influence of social media. But how do you know if you are addicted to it? Let’s find out here with these 10 signs of social media addiction:

You start your mornings with it

The first thing you do in the morning is checking your favorite social media site. For some, it may be a habit while for others it can be an addiction. If it’s the latter case, then it’s important that you take some serious measures to mend your habits. Checking social media platforms in the middle of the night is another sign that runs along with this one.

You can’t spend your day without sharing stuff on it

Post Post! Share Share!  You just can’t help posting/sharing stuff on social media no matter how vague or ridiculous it is. If sharing a flurry of selfies, posts, etc. on social sites and tracking their likes occupy your day then it’s an alarm for you to wake up, and indulge in other activities to get rid of this addiction.

It is the only way you connect with your friends

Have your hang outs and outings with your friends reduced to social media greetings? Do you find it hard to remember the last time you went out with your buddies? If you have answered yes to these questions, then it is most likely you are addicted to social media!

You constantly track the number of your page visits

You are most of the time occupied in checking your page likes and page visits. To make sure that you do not miss anything, you constantly feel the need to leave the pages of your social sites up. If you discover all these habits then it is likely to be an addiction issue.

Using internet slangs has become a part of your conversation

Internet slangs are no longer just a social media tool for you. They have entered your style of daily conversations. You have started using phrases like “hashtag excited”, lol, rofl, etc. in your normal conversations.

The desire to beat one more level throughout the day

Attached with social media are the games available on these sites. If you see yourself driven back to your social site just to beat another level of that game, then it can be a strong sign of addiction.

It is your first mode of relaxation

Do you every time turn to social media sites when you want to relax? Many people do that but every time utilizing these sites as your sole method of recreation can turn into an addiction. You should try and indulge in other activities like reading, working out, etc. to overcome this addiction.

It is the main reason why you use the internet

Do you use the internet only to log in to your favorite social media sites? If your answer is yes, then it’s high time you evaluate whether you are suffering from an addiction. Force yourself to utilize the internet today without logging into any social media platforms.

The urge to be the first one to share any trending tweet/post

You just can’t fight the urge to be the first person who shares any happening or trending post. This also includes the desire of being the first one to like and comment on a popular post. If you see yourself becoming a slave to these things, then it’s probably an addiction.

The easiest way to reach you is through social media

Your loved ones are aware that the best method to reach you is through social media. Though there can be other reasons like you have a poor telephone signal or other parallel circumstances. But, the idea here is that your mates know that you are significantly involved in social media and can be easily found there. This is a great sign of addiction.

Social media can be great fun when used in limits but when misused, it can also have a negative effect on our lives. Do you see any of the above signs of social media addiction in you?



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