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20 Quick Tips for SEO- Part 1

Search engine optimization along with content should be an inherent part of any business’ marketing strategy. Latest surveys reveal that a majority of marketers believe that if the content is tailored keeping in mind customers’ needs it has a higher success rate. Good SEO depends largely on the content that you are producing, which in turn amounts to more traffic and leads and hence, better sales. It has been our endeavor to regularly share tips on how to increase business visibility and this time too we bring you a few tips for doing SEO that could change the dynamics in your favor:

  • Repeatedly we hear the line ‘’content is king, backlinks are queen’’ but we also need to keep in mind that videos are equally important when it comes to SEO. A video strategy for a website is imperative as they incorporate into Google’s Knowledge Graph. So you must start building it.
  • Google’s webmaster guidelines categorically discourage donations to charities and non-profit organizations for backlinks. Keep that in mind before you are tempted to do the same.
  • Give relevance to Voice Search when conducting keyword research. Feed in queries that are relevant to the voice search as Google Answers will begin to give it more importance due to the high usage of mobile phones.
  • Avoid hashtags # in your URL as these are not supported by Googlebot.
  • Though sitemaps can handle up to 50,000 URLs, and can be up to 50MB in size, it is always advisable to keep them lean.
  • To test your mobile pages vs. desktop pages for the mobile first index, use the Search Console’s Fetch and Render tool on Google.
  • If you are a location specific store, use Google’s Adwords distance and keep a track of visit reports to ascertain which geographic regions and locations are bringing in the maximum business for you.
  • New websites should avoid using the AJAX-Crawling scheme and if any of your sites are using the same then, it is best to change.
  • Local businesses should incorporate more emojis into their content, which ends up getting associated with local searches and can convert to search popularity.
  • Register your business in the directories that are of higher quality. For e.g. Yellow Pages, Google+ Yelp etc. This will increase your brand value.
Discover and implement correct SEO
  • Launch Google AMP and list all your important contact and lists on it. Google will keep your website updated on AMP pages in the mobile-first index even if you don’t have a mobile site. This will increase traffic to your website on mobile search.
  • Keep a check on your backlinks through Google Search Console, and disavow them regularly.
  • Link building should be totally legitimate. If Google believes that you are building links in bulk through manipulation, it will discredit all your links, not just the bad ones but also the good ones.
  • Twitter URLs should be replaced with Twitter Cards for much higher impact and greater traffic to your website.
  • There should be a defined linking structure within your website. Google navigates a website to its best when the linking is done within the body copy of the website, and not from the header and footer alone.
  • Contrary to the belief that unlinked citations are not of much value, they do have some relevance. So, any mention is worthwhile.
  • Avoid making changes to your website when migrating from HTTP to HTTPS as Google automatically assumes no other changes have been made to the website and hence if made, will find it difficult to acknowledge them.
  • Keep your site speed as low as 4 seconds for users. Use Google page speed tool to keep a check on website speed.
  • When building links, avoid using tactics like widget links. However, if you insist on using widgets, mark your link as a no-follow one.
  • Using a canonical tag does not save the search engine crawling; it will still need to crawl duplicates to determine that they are actually duplicates.

Some of these tips could be more useful for you, than others. But over time and with the experience I have realized that the key to successful SEO is a consistent approach. Avoid doing everything at once because this will more likely hurt your efforts than helping them.

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...to be continued

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