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Does your dental practice website pass these 5 Google tests?

With increasing digitisation around us, there is a need to make a presence for the services you provide. No longer are medical practitioners using the traditional modes like pamphlets, flyers or “word of mouth” references for making their services known to people. A large number of them are already using online medium to enhance their clientele. One of the leading online health-care marketing agencies has reported that a high percentage of “dental practices” search happens on Google, a very powerful medium, which can optimize your practice. Yet this gap from search-to-service evades most of the users and practitioners respectively. Is your dental practice website following the parameters to be on the first pages of Google when new visitors search for dental services? Let’s test it.

  1. Audit test your dental practice website
    Just like we have been taking tests all our lives, try and give your dental practice website a thorough audit test. Have your site audited with simple tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console? Google Search Console will help you know the keywords visitors are using to find your site while Google Analytics will provide you what visitors do once they are there. While it can be extremely ecstatic to be seen in the search rankings, it is imperative to focus on other data that Google provides to the prospective new patients on your dental practice website. Using Analytics tool will also help to find out which links people are clicking to find your dental practice website. Also, you can tag your office destination URLs with Google’s URL Builder. Try placing a phone tracker too on your dental practice website as many prospective leads would still use a phone to make the first call to your dental clinic.

  2. What’s the Right Word Test?
    A lot depends on the keywords or search terms or phrases that people might use to look for your dental practice website. Google Keyword Planner can be extremely helpful here to make your dental practice website valuable to the potential new clients. Make a list of important topics of your dental practice. For example, “emergency dentist”, expand more on those topics by adding specific keywords to each topic, such as, “same-day dental emergency” or perhaps, “same-day dental appointment”. Look for your competitors rank for those keywords too, if theirs’ are same as yours, it would definitely make sense to do research related terms about a specific topic in which you either have a specialization or skill. Have a large repertoire of keywords or terms that will lead traffic to your dental practice website.

  3. Test how smartly you are Mapped Up
    Sometimes we are not aware how important location is for the user. There could a thousand clients ready to be serviced in the vicinity of your area, yet you could lose them if you have not made use of Google Places. By registering with Google Places, your dental practice website will become instantly searchable on Google and on Google Maps. Armed with this tool of strong enough web presence, your new patients will be able to find your dental clinic/office, and hopefully visit with Google Maps turn-by-turn directions. If you’re still unconvinced in the power of Google Maps, take out your smart phone and open the Maps app. Most of the digital businesses/sellers are on it. Remember more than 90% of people are using mobile hand-held devices that make their search convenient. With potential new patients using mobile devices in record-breaking numbers, it’s important to have your dental practice website on the Google Maps.

  4. Testing your Dental Practice Foundation?

    While web designers may have given you a very tech savvy dental practice website with smart interface or beautiful visual content, it is equally important to have certain fundamentals in it that will make it more appealing to prospective new patients. I mean, is it patient focused in the following areas?
    • Frequently Asked Questions- Most websites have template questions with generic answers that sound so monotonous and mechanical. Have your staff answer all the queries made by new patients, who contact your office, through your dental practice website.
    • Put photographs of you and your staff - This creates a huge impact on the digital visitors as they are easily able to emotionally connect with your dental practice website. This is a great way to make them feel at ease before they walk in the door.
    • Prompt Action - Make it easy for new patients to contact your office using an online form on the first page of your dental practice website. Ensure to include “book an appointment today” features throughout the website that encourage the dental patients to schedule new appointments with you.

  5. Passing Good Reviews Test?
    A great reputation is a must for every business. By building trust and empathetic relationship with your new patients will not only enhance your reputation by leaps and bounds, but will further your business and manage your dental practice too! By requesting one or two of your best patients each day, to leave a review for your practice on your dental practice website, will help you increase your “ranking” on Google and legitimize your dental practice to potential new clients searching for a dentist.

    Since people look for high quality dental services coupled with convenient hours to suit their working day schedules, it is important to critically review and test your dental practice website thoroughly. By doing so, you ensure that new prospective patients end up in becoming your life-long loyal customers.

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Author Bio:

Author: Anuja Lath

Anuja Lath is the COO of RedAlkemi and has 21 years of experience in designing and promoting website on the Internet. She has dealt with and helped CEOs of thousands of companies in her online career spanning over two decades. Anuja has won several awards, has been actively covered in leading media channels. She now helps dental practices leverage new patients through Google and other online channels. Anuja is also a hobbyist weekend potter. Read more about Anuja here
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