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Email-Marketing, is a form of direct marketing which uses your mail system to send commercial messages to your customers. Email-Marketing is popularly used by many companies to:

  • Distribute information to a wider range of targeted customers at a low cost
  • It is inexpensive
  • Delivery Time for any email message is short
  • Easily trackable via unsubscription requests,read receipts, click-through etc.
  • High Reach for the subscribers who wish to receive the content based on their interests
  • Allows to build royalty and acquire new customers
  • Higher profits

How to increase your sales via Email-Marketing Build a relevant mailing list: This is necessary because you must know who would be interested in buying your product. Build a list for your targeted audience because they are the ones who can be converted into your customers. Appropriate subject-line: One of the important rule to follow is to choose a good subject line. The subject will give the first impression related to your product. Do not make the email-reader feel that it is a same “spam” mail. Email:Less : Send less number of mails to people as they would not be interested to learn about your new product again and again. Lower the mail delivery and increase the content for that particular mail.

Disadvantages of Email-Marketing:

  • Companies send bulk of unsolicited messages, also referred to as “spam” (To prevent this from happening, the subject line and content of your emails should not imply that they are spam. Avoid using words like "Free", "Discounts", "Coupon", etc.)
  • Difficulty in sending a mail on different ISPs and firewalls
  • Strenuous to keep an email-recipients them engaged via emails
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