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Genealogy: Discover Your Family Story Online!

When was the last time you thought about who your great-grandfather was or how many different uncles and aunts you have or what each of their kids are doing…Don't be very surprised if you find out that the family living three houses away from you is in fact not a very distant relative of yours. Welcome to the world of Genealogy! For the uninitiated, Genealogy is the study of family lineage, family histories and ancestry. Professional Genealogists search written records, collect oral histories and preserve family stories to discover ancestors and living relatives. Rated as one of the most popular hobbies in the U.S. today, many would agree that tracing your family's history is a fascinating journey. A family tree is an excellent way to begin discovering and organizing your family story. For all those who not only want to trace their family history but are also looking for ways to share it with others, the Internet offers the best solution. There are many interesting websites, free softwares and tools on the Internet that not only help you discover, but also preserve and celebrate your heritage. Family Tree Makers There are many Family Tree maker websites and free softwares available on the Internet that can tell you everything from the lifespan of your ancestors to other interesting facts about your surname and more. If you are looking at creating your Family tree, you can do lot more than just making a chronological family chart. This means, you can add other interesting details and stories related to your family, photographs of your family members, addresses, contact information, birthday dates and much more. Websites and softwares offer features like sending email reminders on birthdays and other special occasions. Once you put together all this information on a website, you can then invite friends, family and children to view and update your family tree. In today's scenario, this is an excellent way to help your children understand the family history and stay in touch. Whether you're looking at Genealogy as a hobby, a summer project or a serious profession, the Internet has something in store for everyone. This includes information on Celebrity Family Trees to Genealogy How To get started tips and guidance. GENEALOGY: WHAT ALL YOU CAN DO
  • Search for your ancestors and family
  • Family Facts: Information and interesting facts about your ancestors
  • Build your family tree online
  • Add photographs and other information
  • Genealogy charts
  • Pass on the family heritage to your children to help them understand family bonds
Interesting Websites • www.genealogy.com • www.ancestry.com • www.familysearch.org Free Softwares • www.smartdraw.com • www.famtreesoftware.com
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