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Google Disavow Unwanted Links

Google Disavow Unwanted Links

The most well recognized indicators of any search results are links. They assist you to navigate between pages and evaluate the significance and relevance of what you are looking for as well as help to establish the credibility of the site. Page Rank, a vital cog in one of the almost 200 parameters to determine rankings, is largely based on links. The importance of it also leads to a constant attack from spammers. Hence, search engines have to devise new tools to constantly safeguard the sites, either through new algorithms or manually.

In the constant endeavour towards this end, Google has introduced a means and an instrument called Google Disavow that will disavow unwanted links to your site. It will take care if a manual Spam, and prevent other webmasters from being able to harm your ranking. You will be informed of it through a notification from their side. On the other hand, if you do not hear from them, you can assume that your site is safe. The Google Disavow tool will let you know immediately if you are a subject of link Spam and help you take the necessary action. Look for a message in this regard in Webmaster Tools from Google about “unnatural links” leading to your site. It is their suggestion that you remove these links as quickly as possible as it gives misleading notions about your site and the business you are involved in. Also, by doing so, you protect the image and integrity of your website as spammy links no longer point to it. This should be a vital aspect for you. Further, removing these links eradicates the problem from its roots and helps Google or other search engines refrain from taking any action in the future. They have stringent quality guidelines and any violations like paid links or link schemes to your site automatically alerts you. If you have any difficulty in removing unwanted links, visit their Google Disavow links page. It will take guide you step by step in cleaning up your website. Need A Good Link Building Plan? Click here
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