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So, here's what Google says about SEO

If it is a business website it has to be Google optimized as it is destined to be thoroughly scrutinized with Google’s guidelines as the parameter. But don’t let this scare you since our team of experts is here to offer just what you need! All you’ve got to do is drop us a line and we will get back to you in a moment’s time!!

So, here’s what Google says about SEO…

  • Write good quality original content for your website
  • Don’t stuff your pages with keywords, keep it relevant and natural
  • Make your website information easy to discover
  • Provide high quality content on your home page
  • Build a good logical structure for your website
  • Don't use images to list headings, names or links
  • Don’t duplicate any of your content across multiple pages
  • Invite other relevant and high quality websites to link to you
  • Do not build unnatural links to your site
  • Make your site easily accessible across all browsers & formats
  • Use ALT attributes for all your images
  • Optimize your meta tags across all pages of the website

… and about a 100 other things!

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